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Permea Plus Timeless Perfection Collagen Tablets

Permea plus timeless perfection is a premium high-level natural collagen source.

It is a gift for your skin that lifts and smooths for a more confident, youthful appearance.

Ideal for those concerned about aging skin; includes added benefits helping the body remain strong and youthful in later life: as you age your body's natural ability to produce collagen diminishes.

Permea plus timeless perfection contains premium-grade type ii animal collagen combined with exotic bamboo-sourced silica to build and strengthen the levels of collagen within your skin.


Hydrolysed Collagen Type 2: The Collagen We Use Is Superior To Marine (Fish) Collagen Because It Is Best Assimilated By The Body L-Proline: A Powerful Amino Acid That Builds Collagen In The Body Bamboo: The Best Source Of Natural Silica For Keeping Skin Firm And Supple Silica: One Of The Most Important Cellular Building Blocks For Human Collagen


60 Tablets Pack

How To Use

For adults, 2 tablets to be swallowed with water once per day.

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