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Medrull Extra Care 20 Mix Plaster

Water resistant plasters with antiseptic pad, the absorbent wound pad is saturated with 0.15% of cetylpyridinium chloride.

Hypoallergenic,dirt-proof, elastic, breathable, tight-fitting and air-permeable medrull adhesive bandages are ideal for small wounds and scratches.

The inner pad is highly absorbent.

The pad is protected from sticking to the damaged skin.

The adhesive bandage is removed painlessly and leaves no traces on the skin.


Micro-Perforated Polymeric Material,0.15% Cetylpyridinium.


20 Mix Plasters ( 14 Pcs 19*72 Mm,6 Pcs 25*72Mm )

How To Use

Apply on small wounds and grazes

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