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Fidial Tears Artificial Tears for Eye Dryness

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AED. 52.00
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Fidial Tears is a medical device, intended to be used
  • By contact lens wearers to increase eye compliance to contact lenses, making their application and presence more comfortable.
  • To increase the lubrication of the surface of the eye when there is a sensation of dryness and other minor complaints of no pathological significance, burning and ocular fatigue occur (for example by dust, smoke, dry heat, air conditioning, extended computer screen).


  • Concentration of Sodium Hyaluronate is 0.20%, providing optimum efficacy
  • No preservatives
  • No waste, as 0.25 ml provides 12 drops, enough for a single-use. Other products, any remaining quantity will be discarded to avoid risk of contamination
Fidial Tears Artificial Tears for Eye Dryness
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