Clivon Gel 30ml

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AED. 99.00

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Clivon® Gel is an innovative vaginal gel with emollient, lubricating and moisturizing properties.. It is advisable for the prevention of vaginal dryness, itching, irritations, and pain during sexual intercourse and to prevent from bad smelling or reduce vaginal discharge.

How to Use

  1. Pull the piston of the cannula until end. Photo
  2. Unscrew the cap of the aluminum tube and replaced by the discharge nozzle. Open the cap of the discharge nozzle and connect it to the cannula port. Squeeze the aluminum tube to allow an appropriate amount of gel (approximately 2 ml) to be delivered into the cannula through the spout. Photo
  3. Pull down the cannula (loaded with gel) from the discharge nozzle, then insert it into the vagina as deeply as possible (supine position is recommended), and push out all the gel in the cannula by pushing the cannula piston and leave the gel in the vagina. Photo
  4. Pull out the cannula after completion, clean the cannula with neutral soap under a jet of hot water, and keep it use for the next time. Photo
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