Benostan Phytoroid Rectal Cream 28g

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The Benostan Procto soothing and moisturizing cream 28gr is the most recognized herbal remedy in the condition of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are divided and categorized into external and internal anal ring as they are varicose dilation of the anal veins. This leads to swell and result in the epidermis area, irritated and bleed easily, creating intense itching and pain. These symptoms may worsen due to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, constipation and frequent pregnancy, because the weight of the body puts pressure on the veins of the anal ring as a result makes them swell.

Benostan Procto soothing and moisturizing cream 28gr achieved fast relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids because it contains pure herbal extracts like calendula, olive oil, mastic, sage, beeswax and hypericum, an efficient combination with antimicrobial , healing and anti-inflammatory action. It can be used fully and safely during pregnancy because it is based on a cortisone or chemicals and does not contain a local anesthetic.

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