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Aqua Maris Baby Drops

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"Aqua Maris® Baby Nasal Drops is isotonic saline nasal drops.

Aqua Maris® Baby Nasal Drops is formulated with low sodium seawater content, which removes excess mucus from the nostrils.

Aqua Maris® Baby Nasal Drops is recommended for everyday nasal hygiene and as a gentle natural decongestant providing long-term care.

Aqua Maris® Baby Nasal Drops is recommended:
• for everyday nasal hygiene
• before breastfeeding or bottle-feeding
• during cold or allergy
• in case of the ear infection to support the therapy prescribed by the doctor
• in case of the dry nose due to staying in air-conditioned or very warm rooms

Aqua Maris® Baby Nasal Drop comes in a metered-dose pump that produces a single drop for each application.

Aqua Maris® Baby Nasal Drops is preservative-free, thanks to 3K® technology of the nasal pump."


•Isotonic Sea Water
•Preservative Free"


Аqua Maris® Baby comes in 15 ml nasal dropper

How to use

Use upside-down, drop into each nostril as needed or as directed by your doctor

Aqua Maris Baby Drops
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