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Allergika Lipolotio Urea 5% Body Lotion

Allergika lipolotio urea 5% provides a skin barrier strengthening, moisturizing body of dry, tense and flaky skin or sebostasis.

Urea keeps the skin moist due to its high water-binding capacity.

The skin barrier is strengthened and the itching and feelings of tension diminished.

Allergika lipolotio urea contains specially selected lipids that form a pleasant protective film on the skin, thus prevents excessive evaporation of water.

The Allergika lotion contains no paraffin, so it can be perfectly distributed on the hairy skin and leaves no residue on clothing.

It is suitable for every season. Plus, it is dermatologically-allergologically tested and recommended by dermatologists.


5% urea free of fragrances, colorsand preservatives, parabensand natural allergens.


200 ml bottle

How To Use

Apply generously in the morning and evening on the whole body and massage in gently.

Use allergika-lipolotio urea 5% daily to ensure a healthy, resilientskin barrier.

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