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Allergika Dermifant Shampoo "Kinder Shampoo"

AllergikaDermifant Shampoo "baby shampoo" is a gentle cleansing formula for both skin and hair on sensitive children's skin

AllergikaDermifant Shampoo preventscradle cap and baby head scales.

AllergikaDermifant Shampoocontains biotin which strengthens the hair and gives it a silky shine appearance, especially with the mild washing-active substances

Using allergika Dermifantshampoo for your baby ensures a very good skin compatibility

It is free from allergenic substances and recommended midwives, pediatricians



Free From Fragrances

Free From colors

Free From preservatives

Free from parabens


Allergika kinder shampoo comes in200 ml Bottle

How To Use

Use Allergika kinder shampoo withwarm water.

Foam briefly and rinse off foam residues.

It can be used on a daily basis.

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