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Agiolax Granules 250gm

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AED. 32.00
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  • Constipation, particularly the chronic form.
  • Regulation of bowel activity during pregnancy and post-partum.
  • In patients confined to bed.
  • Habituation to strong purgatives.
  • Disordered bowel action in patients with colostomies. 

Agiolax Granules is a clinically proven natural product containing a plant laxative and dietary fiber. It aids and assists in the treatment of constipation. Agiolax is a special combination of senna pods and mostly insoluble fiber. It is suitable for bowel regulation in bed-ridden patients. Of indirect benefit to people suffering from hemorrhoids.


  • Seeds of Plantago ovata      52.0 g
  • Isphagula husk                      2.2 g
  • Tinnevelly Senna pods         12.4 g 

How to Use                                                                                    

  • Agiolax® should be taken after the evening meal and before breakfast. The general dosage is 1 – 2 teaspoonful/sachet(s) – according to the individual requirement – followed by a glass of water. Agiolax® should not be chewed. 
  • After the preparation has been effective, the dosage can be individually reduced to ½ to 1 teaspoonful/sachet once or twice daily.


250 g Jar

Agiolax Granules 250gm
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