Omron HN286 Digital Personal Scale
Large platform - 1.8 cm depth made with safety glass The weight difference function helping you to measure the weight of a baby or luggage Ideal for the whole family The Omron HN288 Digital Personal Scale is ideal for monitoring...
AED. 120.75
Omron HN288 Digital Personal Scale
When small weight matters, Weighing yourself is relatively easy of course. But have you ever struggled to weigh other things on normal scales? Now, thanks to our Omron unique ‘Weight Difference Technology’ it’s a cinch. You don’t have to calculate...
AED. 187.95
Omron HN300T2 Intelli IT Body Comp Scale Black
The HN300T from OMRON makes tracking over time reliable and accurate body weight measurements even easier. Our risk of high blood pressure rises with weight and age, by maintaining a health weight you can take charge of your blood pressure....
AED. 188.00
Omron Body Composition Monitor BF212
This Is Probably The Simplest Way Of Checking Your Body Fat, Body Weight, And BMI.It Makes Everything So Much Easier. All Devices Are Clinically Tested To Ensure Accurate Results.Helping You To Track Your Body Composition Over Time. Why Should I...
AED. 175.00
Omron Body Composition Monitor BF214
This is probably the simplest way of checking your body fat, body weight, and BMI. The BF214 will also give you readings on skeletal muscle for a complete overview of your body composition and it will even remember your previous...
AED. 225.00
Omron HN289 Digital Personal Scale
With the HN289 Digital Personal Scale, weight measuring has just become more stylish. HN289 Scales are available in four colors : Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Pink Blossom and Silky Grey
AED. 103.95
Omron Bf511 Body Composition Monitor Digital Scale
Our BF511 is Omron's most comprehensive body composition monitor and provides extensive insight into the body and visceral fat, skeletal muscle level, your BMI and resting metabolism. It is clinically validated and classified as a medical device. Max Weight 150...
AED. 525.00
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