Vichy Deodorant Roll on Beauty 48H 50ml
The 1st beautifying 48h antiperspirant treatment that associates LHA and embellishing pearls to space out shaving sessions and refine skin texture. For women depilating their underarms and expecting to space out their shaving sessions and beautify their armpits skin with...
AED. 80.00
Vichy Deodorant Red 72Hr Stress Resist Roll-On 50ml
Vichy Deodorant 72-Hour Red cap Roll-On is an intensive antiperspirant treatment, even under stress. Vichy Deodorant 72-Hour Stress Resist Anti-Perspirant Roll-On is for men and women who suffer from excessive perspiration and who want to combine antiperspirant hyper-efficacy and ultra-tolerance...
AED. 80.00
Vichy Deodorant Green 48 Hour Intensive Anti-Perspirant Treatment Roll-On 50ml
Vichy Deodorant 48-Hour Intensive Anti-Perspirant Treatment Roll-On is for men and women who suffer from intense perspiration and who want to combine a long-term antiperspirant that is comfortable for their skin. Benefits Long-term anti-perspiration efficacy with no discomfort for the...
AED. 80.00
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Vichy Homme Anti Perspirant Spray For Men 150ml
Vichy Homme Deodorant Spray by Vichy, a spray as efficient as a roll-on. For men looking for long-lasting deodorant and antiperspirant actions. High precision applicator, anti-odor, anti-white marks, and without alcohol. Long lasting antiperspirant Men with sensitive armpits Excessive sweating...
AED. 77.00
Vichy Anti Perspirant Sensitive Skin Deodorant 50ml
A gentle formula that controls intense perspiration for up to 48 hours whilst letting the skin breathe. It is specially adapted for women with sensitive and depilated skin looking to combine anti-perspiration efficacy with comfort and tolerance. The antiperspirant active...
AED. 80.00
Vichy Deodorant Stick Sensitive Skin Dry Touch 40ml
Vichy 24H Deodorant Dry Touch Sensitive Skin Stick is a stick perfectly adapted to women's skins, even the sensitive ones.Zinc Ricinoleate, deodorant, and antibacterial active agent give to this stick an ultra-deodorant action for freshness and feeling of comfort all...
AED. 90.00
Vichy Deodorant Mineral Roll On 50ml
Vichy roll-on mineral deodorant is formulated for men and women who need specific care due to the intense perspiration. It does not contain aluminium salts and provides 48h protection. Suitable for all skin types. Eliminates odour. Does not contain alcohol....
AED. 80.00
Vichy Deodorant Anti-Perspirant 7 Day Treatment Cream 30ml
Long-lasting anti-perspiration efficacy. The micro-refined antiperspirant active ingredients mean increased targeting of sweat pores for guaranteed protection for up to 7 days.Benefits: Antiperspirant efficacy for 7 days. The perspiration rate constantly reduced week after week. How to use Apply to...
AED. 84.00
Vichy Homme Deodorant Anti Perspirant 72Hr Roll On For Men 50ml
72-hour Anti-perspirant Deodorant extreme control.For men who want very long-lasting deodorant, and anti-perspiration efficacy in all situations. Regulates perspiration and moisture for 72 hours Leaves skin comfortable with no stickiness Pack 50 ml
AED. 80.00
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Vichy Deodorant Spray Anti Perspirant 125ml
Vichy deodorant spray 48-hour effect works to resist moisture and unpleasant odors. Long-lasting, non-white results. Contains no alcohol. Regulates sweat in the long run. The skin can breathe freely. Double effect - antiperspirant and odorless. Spray 15 cm from the...
AED. 80.00
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Vichy Deodorant Roll On Anti-Stain 50ml
Invisible and effective for stains. Its formula, rich in anti-perspirant active ingredients, regulates perspiration and humidity for 48 hours. Its application provides immediate drying and its invisible texture offers real comfort for your skin. 48-hour anti-perspiration efficacy. No stains on...
AED. 80.00
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