Sinomarin Babies Single Dose Vial 18s
Sinomarin Babies is a 100% natural, clinically proven nasal decongestant. It is a hypertonic sea water solution (2.3% NaCl) rich with the sea’s beneficial ingredients (mineral salts and trace elements).Sinomarin Babies is ideal for infants and babies as it helps...
AED. 36.50
Sinomarin Children 100ml
Nasal infections and allergies are common in children and can often lead to more troublesome conditions such as otitis, sinus and lower respiratory tract infections. In order to relieve nasal congestion naturally & restore nasal breathing, or keep your child’s...
AED. 41.00
Sinomarin Cold & Flu 30ml
Sinomarin Cold Flu Relief is a 100% natural spray specially developed to provide relief from nasal symptoms associated with the common cold and flu. It combines the natural decongestant action of hypertonic sea water (2.3% NaCl) enhanced with Eucalyptus, Spearmint...
AED. 39.00
Sinomarin Mini 30ml
Sinomarin Mini Spray is a 100% natural, clinically proven nasal spray that relieves nasal congestion naturally, thins nasal mucus, and helps eliminate it while moisturizing the nose. It is ideal for regular nasal hygiene & moisture as well as congestion...
AED. 30.00
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