Magnox Anti Leg Cramps Capsules 30's
Leg cramps are episode of pain, usually lasting up to a few minutes, caused by sudden, intense involuntary contraction of muscles or muscle group.Leg cramps usually involving the calf muscles or the small muscles of the foot are a common...
AED. 55.00
Magnox Osteo Capsules 60's
Magnox Osteo is the newest concept of osteoporosis prevention. Dual-kit, containing Calcium, Magnesium & vitamins, intended to maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Magnox Osteo Includes Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 that works synergistically with calcium and magnesium to build...
AED. 99.00
Magnox Vital Capsules 30's
Magnox Vital provides a special form of magnesium that has been shown to be superior in intracellular absorption and efficacy. Magnox Vital works fast to deliver lasting comfort.  How to Use Take 1 capsule at bedtime
AED. 60.00
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