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Extraznc 15mg Tablets 30's
Extraznc is a Zinc supplement from Zinc Bisglycinate source which characterized as highly absorption & bio availability than other Zinc sources.
AED. 94.50
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Extraznc Drops, 20ml
Indication: Immunity enhancement for our children and elderly parents. Cold and Flu. Acute and Persistent diarrhea. Nappy rash.
AED. 87.00
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Extraznc Liquid 50ml/5ml
ExtraZnc For Extra Protection is a zinc Bisglycinate syrup & drops. Indication Acute and persistent diarrhea. Respiratory tract infections. Potentiate efficacy of growth hormone. Zinc deficiency. Immunity enhancement. Hot to use Diarrhea & zinc deficiency The infant is less than...
AED. 77.00
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