Avena Body Lotion 500 Ml With Urea 10%
Urea Moisturizing Lotion is the ideal complement for the whole family. Thanks to urea, it achieves greater long-term filtration, this natural moisturizer is one of the most used in dermatology
AED. 34.65
Avena Urea 20% Restoring Cream 150 Ml
The Urea Repair Cream manages to restore all kinds of cracks or dryness of the skin, in addition to regenerating the damaged tissue. Its texture guarantees perfect absorption. Eliminates all roughness in scaly and excessively horny areas (feet, elbows, knees,...
AED. 24.15
Avena Urea 5% + Panthenol Body Lotion 500 Ml
For irresistible skin, urea, a super moisturizing ingredient, enriched with Panthenol, a vitamin that actively participates in the regeneration and formation of the skin. A union of ingredients to moisturize your skin and restore its youthful and glowing appearance. The...
AED. 49.35
Avena Urea Shower Gel 750 Ml With 10% Urea
Urea Bath Gel allows to recover the softness and hydration of the skin, providing a feeling of maximum comfort. Provides immediate, intense and long-lasting hydration. Gently cleanses and cares for all of our skin and is intended for daily use,...
AED. 24.15
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