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Denk Ferro Vital+ Tablets 30's
Iron is known as the building block of the red pigment haemoglobin and the red blood cells that transport vital oxygen in the body. The body cannot produce iron itself, so it must be ingested through food to maintain a sufficient...
AED. 99.00
Denk Immun Active Sticks 20s
Denk Immun Active supports the immune system that is important for staying fit and healthy during the cold season. The immune system can also be weakened by stress, an unhealthy diet or poor sleep. A balanced diet with vitamins and...
AED. 99.00
Denk Magnes Direct 400mg Stick 30's
Magnesium is an essential mineral and is involved in many metabolic processes     to maintain the energy levels of the body. The need for magnesium particularly increases with increased physical activity: muscle activity increases consumption and the body loses magnesium through...
AED. 120.00
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