Alfaparf IL Salone Detox Conditioner 500ml
The Alfaparf Milano Il Salone Detox conditioner makes your hair easy to detangle and nourishes it, something all healthy, beautiful hair needs. Benefits Makes untangling and styling easier Provides the necessary hydration Protects against negative environmental effects Seals the hair’s...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf IL Salone Detox Leave In Spray 200ml
Alfaparf IL Salone Detox Leave In Spray special texture exerts a shield effect against impurities and pollutants, while giving nutrition and softness. How To Use Spray on freshly washed and still damp hair then proceed to dry.
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf Il Salone Detox Shampoo 500Ml
Alfaparf IL Salone Detox Shampoo is enriched with vegetal charcoal able to absorb impurities. This shampoo detoxifies and protects the hair fiber from pollutants, while a special mix of active ingredients helps to rebalance skin and hair. It has vegetal...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf Il Salone Epic Conditioner 500ml
Alfaparf IL Salone Epic Conditioner is an extraordinary softening effect for smooth, tamed hair that glides like silk through your fingers. Formula based on milk proteins that increases the softness of the hair, making it fluid and compact. How to Use Apply the conditioner on wet hair then...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf IL Salone Glorious Shampoo 500ml
Alfaparf IL Salone Glorious Shampoo is a professional shampoo for dry and damaged hair. Formula enriched with Milk Protein and Bamboo extract to cleanse the hair gently and leave it nourished . The result? Moisturized and shiny hair. A great...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf IL Salone Iconic Cream 250ml
Improve your hair care routine and enjoy nourished and soft hair with Alphaparf IL Salone Protein Cream For Normal Dry Hair. Alfaparf features a natural formula riches in wheat and milk protein that helps improve the hair moisture and elasticity,...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf Il Salone Mythic Shampoo 500ml
Alfaparf IL Salone Milano Mythic Protein Shampoo For Normal Dry Hair is filled with wheat and milk proteins that improve hair hydration and elasticity naturally, leaving hair smooth, shiny and healthy. It cleanses deeply and restore hair natural softness thus...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf IL Salone Straightening Kit with Argan Oil
Alfaparf  IL Salone Protein Straightening Kit With Argan Oil. Easy, progressive and perfect straight for damage hair. long lasting result, up to 3 months. Goodbye rebellious and damaged hair. The protective action of argan oil ensures seductive hair and an...
AED. 329.00
Alfaparf Il Salone Straightening Kit withLinseed Oil
Alfaparf Il Salone Milano Semi Permanent Straightening Treatment without ammonia.Smoothes the hair and controls frizz for perfect definition. The illuminating power of Linseed Oil contributes to natural and healthy growth, guaranteeing seductive hair, soft to the touch and with a velvety effect. Benefits Long-lasting formula, up to 3...
AED. 299.00
Alfaparf IL Salone Supreme Mask 250ml
IL Salone Protein Mask For Dry Damaged Hair from Alfaparf will provide your hair with the intense care it deserves. IL Salone's unique formula is rich in wheat and milk protein that moisturizes the hair deeply and effectively, enhances hair...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Conditioner 250ml
With a formula rich in keratin, Alfaparf Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Maintenance Conditioner allows you to preserve professional straightening to the fullest. This creamy conditioner nourishes and detangles hair, helping to keep hair straight for longer while reducing frizz and damage. Ideal for all...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Rehydrating Mask 200ml
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Rehydrating Mask is a Powerful Moisturizing Mask That Adds Hydration Back To Hair And Prevents Dryness While Slowing The Natural Drying Process. Benefits A therapeutic keratin-rich re-hydrating mask. Helps preserve & prolong the effects obtained with the Lisse...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Shampoo 250ml
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Maintenance Collection helps to protect hair and maintain smoothness for up to 4 months after salon treatments. Kera-Protection Complex formulated with keratin and plant collagen. Protects, strengthens and smoothes hair. Benefits Gently cleanses the hair to maintain...
AED. 89.80
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy Smoothing Treatment Kit
Do you dream of perfectly straight hair and more time for yourself? Do you want to manage your look easily and quickly without having to fight every day with a brush and hair dryer? Now you can have straight hair,...
AED. 349.00
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy The Oil 50ml
Alfaparf Keratin Therapy The Oil is designed to nourish, hydrate and soften hair to leave locks silky soft. With a non greasy formula containing babassu oil and a keratin complex to help thermal styling, this oil promises to leave the...
AED. 120.00
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