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Dr. Grandel Hyaluron Travel Set
AED. 266.80 AED. 133.40
Dr. Grandel Hyaluron Travel Set
Hyaluron Travel Set Vacation time with the practical Hyaluron Travel Set. Small but amazing – the cute, metal box contains two Hyaluron Moisture Flash Ampoules that moisturize deep down into the skin; three Hyaluron Ampoules to smooth and plump, while...
AED. 266.80 AED. 133.40
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Sol Leon Sun Protection Spf50+ Special Face Cream 50ml
Special defense against UV damages causing erythema, dry skin, and cells aging. The Sol Leon line provides high and long-lasting protection, water-resistance, and maximum skin-compatibility. Why it is Unique? Most natural sunscreens products become insufficient after intense and prolonged exposure...
AED. 131.25 AED. 78.75
Nuggela & Sule South Beach Hair Mask 250ml
Nuggela & Sule South Beach Hair Mask is a tsunami of natural ingredients that repair, nourish and hydrate the hair. Bursting with tropical aromas, South Beach provides an intense nourishment. It contains Tucuma Butter, Pequi Oil and Poppy Oil, active...
AED. 183.75
Maui Now Coconut Water SPF Mist 100ml
Maui Now Coconut Water SPF Mist is a world-first SPF 15 mist formulated with coconut water to promote hydration and provide broad-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB rays. This mist is weightless, cooling and applies completely transparent on skin. This is the...
AED. 198.45
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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water 250ml
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water is a Iconic cleansing micellar water that effortlessly cleanses the skin to remove dirt, debris, pollution and makeup, while respecting sensitive skin. Benefits Gently cleanses skin from impurities, fine particles and pollution Effectively removes makeup...
AED. 90.30 AED. 63.21
Bioderma Sunscreen Photoderm Max Spf50+ Aquafluide 40ml
Very high sun protection with a fluid texture, as light as water, with a dry touch finish This bioderma sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, even combination to oily skin Skin that is sensitive or intolerant to all types...
AED. 151.20
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Medrull Aqua Resist 20 Mix Plaster
Medrull Aqua Resist 20 Mix Plaster is a universal plaster conveniently and properly protect a wound from moisture and dirt, allowing the wound to heal effectively and gently. Made of a thin, perforated polymer, breathable material.
AED. 10.00 AED. 7.00
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Roro Flight Travel Kit Set Of 5 Packs Transparent TL121
Durable & Leakproof: Toiletry travel bottles set are made of ECO-friendly plastic, they are reusable and leak-free. The toiletry bag is made from a clear material and can be used for a long time.Designed for Travel / Outdoors: Help you...
AED. 47.25 AED. 28.35
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Beesline Facial Lifting Mask 25ml
Skin type: for all skin types a facial mask rich in antioxidant olive leaf & nourishing honey, it: hydrates and rejuvenates and lifts the skin which provides the skin with radiance & a healthy glow Components Aqua. Kaolin. Olea Europaea...
AED. 10.50 AED. 7.35
Cetaphil Baby Lotion Calendula 400ml
Cetaphil Baby Lotion Calendula is designed to soothe and nourish while moisturizing and protecting your baby’s skin from dryness. It is specially formulated with soothing organic calendula extract, derived from the marigold flower and used for centuries to soothe dry,...
AED. 82.95
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Bioclin Phydrium Advance Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 200ml
Bioclin shampoo for hair loss is an adjuvant treatment that reduce the process of weakening and hair loss. Bioclin advance shampoo helps to reactivate the local microcirculation and stimulate cell regeneration, counteracting premature aging of hair roots. It also has...
AED. 99.75 AED. 59.85
Cetaphil Sun Spf50+ Light Gel 50ml
Cetaphil Sun Gel-Fluid Face SPF 50+ is particularly suitable for sun-allergy prone as well as oily skin. The particularly light, fat-free gel formulation spreads well, absorbs quickly, and does not stick. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect. Photostable UV filters...
AED. 120.75
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Bioclin Bio-Argan Daily hair Treatment 100ml
Bioclin Bio-Argan Daily hair Treatment is a daily nourishing and shiny treatment for all hair types and sensitive scalp with organic argan oil and jojoba oil. It is a complex of soothing active ingredients with high skin compatibility specifically formulated...
AED. 120.75 AED. 72.45
Bioderma Photoderm Spf50+ Aquafluid Golden Tint 40ml
Very high sun protection with a fluid texture, as light as water, with a dry touch finish. Suitable for all skin types, even combination to oily skin This Bioderma Sunscreen is for skin that is sensitive or intolerant to all...
AED. 152.25
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Bioclin Bio-Squam Dry Dandruff Shampoo 200ml
Bioclin Bio-Squam anti dandruff shampoo is used for Dry dandruff and Sensitive scalp. It soothe an itchy and irritated scalp and ensure dandruff-free hair, it is important to choose products that are extra-gentle on the hair and scalp. Bio-Squam is...
AED. 57.75 AED. 34.65
Bioderma Photoderm Sunscreen Max Fluid SPF100 - 40ml
Bioderma Photoderm Sunscreen Max Fluid SPF 100 with an association of UVA/UVB filters, offers optimized protection against UV rays (sunburn, sun allergies, etc.) combined with an internal biological protection : the exclusive Cellular Bioprotection patent. This patent activates the natural defenses,...
AED. 138.60
Bioclin Deo Control Roll On 50ml
Bioclin Deo Control Roll-On with a subtle scent, for preventing excessive perspiration. Regulates the perspiration process, keeps sweat under control, and neutralizes odor all day long, preventing unsightly stains on clothing. Enriched with Xylitol to help keep the growth of...
AED. 63.00
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Bioderma Photoderm Spot-Age Gel Cream SPF50+ 40ml
Bioderma Photoderm Spot-Age SPF50 Gel-Cream is a very high specific sun protection that treats pigmentation marks and skin photo-aging. It moisturizes long lastingly and improves skin condition after 28 days. Components AQUA/WATER/EAU, DIBUTYL ADIPATE, OCTOCRYLENE, METHYLENE BIS-BENZOTRIAZOLYL TETRAMETHYLBUTYLPHENOL [NANO], PROPANEDIOL,...
AED. 158.55 AED. 150.62
Cetaphil Sun Spf50+ Face Fluid Non-Tinted 50ml
Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Face Fluid Non-Tinted 50ml very high protection (SPF 50+)- Extra water-resistant in fresh and saltwater- non-comedogenic- dermatologically tested- fat and emulsifier- without perfume and additional preservatives Pack 50ml
AED. 122.85
Bioclin Deo 24 Hours Roll On 50ml
Bioclin Deo 24 Hours Roll-On is for normal perspiration Free of aluminum salt, it effectively deodorizes throughout the day without clogging pores,and allowing the body to perspire naturally. The deodorizing action derives from Deo Complex, an extremely effective synergy of...
AED. 63.00
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Bioclin Bio-Hydra All In One Moisturizing Balm Mask 100ml
To maintain healthy hair, it is important to choose products that are extra-gentle on the hair and scalp. Bio-Hydra is a gentle, creamy all-in-one conditioner-mask formulated with Biotech Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, nourish, and give shine hair. This exclusive shampoo...
AED. 52.50 AED. 31.50
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Beesline 4in1 Whitening Cleanser 150ml
Skin type: combination to oily skin An innovative formula that delivers 4 actions in 1 product: as a wash, to cleanse & purify the skin as a scrub, to exfoliate skin dead cells as a mask, to absorb excess oils...
AED. 72.45 AED. 50.72
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Bioderma Photoderm Sunscreen AKN Mat SPF30+ 40ml
Bioderma Sunscreen AKN Mat biologically regulates sebum quality to keep pores from becoming clogged and prevent the appearance of blemishes, which is often exacerbated after periods of sun exposure (rebound effect). Benefits Prevents the appearance of blemishes (Fluidactiv patent) Guarantees...
AED. 149.10 AED. 141.65
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Medrull Kids Hello Kitty 10S Plaster
Water resistant, dirt repellent and child skin friendly with fun images of cute kitty, your children will love them! plasters are manufactured using hypoallergenic, perforated polyethylene material. That plasters are painless and easy to remove. manufactured with colors are safe...
AED. 24.00 AED. 16.80
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