Flents Deluxe Travel Pillow 68492
One size fits all, both adults and children Made of soft, ultra-suede finish PVC vinyl Easy to inflate Free carrying pouch Fits easily into glove compartment or luggage Ideal for home, travel and the beach Washable.
AED. 37.80
Flamingo Pile Cushion
Made of molded polyurethane Provides relief to the endangered area Lightweight and easy to transport Washable cover Eggshell molded polyurethane for air circulation When suffering from hemorrhoids/piles, almost every aspect of relaxing is rebuked. Sitting is painful, lying down can...
AED. 277.00
Flamingo Coccyx Cushion Hard
Those who suffer from tailbone pain find the coccyx cushion the most comfortable due to the cut out at the back of the cushion. This cut out design significantly reduces pressure on the tailbone. The Flamingo Coccyx cushion is ergonomically...
AED. 248.85
Flamingo Coccyx Cushion Soft
Flamingo Coccyx Cushion Soft is for Back Pain Relief – TailbonePressure & Soreness Comfort – OrthopedicPosture Wedge Pillow
AED. 220.50
Flamingo Premium Memory Foam Pillow Universal OC2411
Flamingo Premium Memory Foam Pillow Description Its natural curve supports head, neck and shoulder. It is recommended for more therapeutic sleep posture. Helps to align the spine and give perfect night’s sleep. Memory foam takes the shape of the resting...
AED. 233.10
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