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Tonimer Nebulizer Solution Single Dose 12s

Tonimer Nebulizer Solution is a sterile isotonic solution of seawater, with reduced sodium content and slightly alkaline PH, particularly indicated for the fluidification and removal of the mucus of the nasal cavities of infants and children in cases of dry mucous membranes and in cooling diseases.

It can also be used for the removal of secretions of the child's eyes or for ocular installation in cases of redness, irritation, and burning due to environmental factors.

Ideal for aerosol dilutions. 


Isotonic Sea Water


12 Vials X 5ml Each

How To Use

Remove the cap and insert the vial.

Tonimer Nebulizer Solution applies in any position of the body.

It is recommended that the head is tilted to one side on consistent application nostrils.

Clean and dry the nozzle after use. 

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