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Velpeau Freecast Adjust stabilising ankle
Orthopedic correction, foot, stabilizing ankle orthosis, frontal plane. Indication Ligament injuries to the upper ankle joint (grade 1–2). Chronic ligament instability.Activated osteoarthritis, arthritis. Feature Velpeau® Freecast® Adjust consists of two rigid shells connected by a heel pad.Designed for comfort, thanks...
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Velpeau Clavicular Block Reduction
Indications Reduction and immobilization of clavicular fracturesand acromioclavicular sprains. Feature Jersey harness. Foam padding. Adjustment by straps and buckles.
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Velpeau Obstemix Lumbar Support Belt Strap
Lumbar support belt strap, 24 cm. Indications Lumbalgia (lower back pain) in pregnant women, for discontinuousor temporary use. To be taken off during rest periods. Features Non-elastic abdominal support, made of cotton. Adjustable to fit duringthe last months of pregnancy....
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Velpeau Cervix 2 Cervical collar
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Velpeau Cervix 2 Cervical collar
Ready-for-use anatomically shaped cervical collar with chin cutaway andreinforcement for medium support. Height not adjustable. Indications Cervical spine pain syndromes, torticollis, osteoarthritis of the cervical spinewithout neurological malfunction, spondylarthritis, spondylitis, distortion of the cervical spine. (only temporarily after trauma). Features...
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Velpeau Ligaction Pro Open Brace knee splint
Orthopaedic correction, knee, splint, and articulated orthosis. Indication Orthopaedic treatment of sprains. Post-surgical rehabilitation,sport resumption. Chronic laxity. Feature Open orthosis, with fastening and adjustment using foursemi-circular straps, to avoid slippage when putting it on. Broad adjustment ranges. Clear popliteal fossa....
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Velpeau Ligaction City Knee Splint
Orthopedic correction, knee, splint, and articulated orthosis. Indication Treatment of chronic or acute pain AND mild ligament instability.Patella hyper-mobility, subluxation, and dislocation.Painful femoropatellar syndrome in the case of retro-patellar osteoarthritis onsetarthritis (joint inflammation) with or without joint effusion. The product...
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Rhiza Pro Velpeau Hand Wrist
Orthopaedic correction, hand-wrist, static orthosis, wrist-thumb. Indications Thumb Rhizarthrosis, metacarpophalangeal sprain. Feature Three-dimensional knitted fabric, cotton interior. Lightweight and not bulky. Thermoformable plate. Thumb / Index clamping conserved. Ambidextrous.
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Velpeau Manu Xpro Static Orthosis for Hand Wrist Right Hand
L & R Manu Xpro Static Wrist-Hand-Inch Orthosis Description Orthopedic correction, hand-wrist, static orthosis, wrist-thumb.Immobilization of the thumb and wrist obtained by conformable whales.1 Posology: Immobilization in case of: - states of post-traumatic and post-operative irritation at the level of...
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