Gelobronchial Herbal Cough Syrup 200ml
Gelobronchial Herbal Cough Syrup is the plant-based way to ease congestion for those suffering from cough, runny nose and stuffy head with headache. It dissolves mucus, impedes infection and promotes the healing process. The result? You can breathe freely again,...
AED. 45.00
Bronchostop Duo Cough Syrup 200ml
Bronchostop Duo Cough Syrup that provides expectorant and soothing activity in case of cough associated with a cold. Contains essential oils and flavonoids of thyme herb, as well as marshmallow root extract Relieves dry cough Facilitates expectoration of thick mucus...
AED. 57.00
Bronchostop Night Oral Solution 200ml
Bronchostop Night Oral Solution for the relief of dry cough as well as night-time cough, pharyngeal irritation and promotion of sweating during (low-grade) fever as early symptoms of a common cold.  Contains marshmallow root extract, as well as lime flower and...
AED. 59.00
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