Glucerna Vanilla Powder 400gm
Glucerna is a complete, balanced low-calorie meal replacement and/or healthy snack alternative. It is formulated with a slow-release energy system shown to optimize the glycemic response, a healthy monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) lipid system, and fiber. Glucerna SR is sucrose-free...
AED. 50.00
Nestle Modulen IBD Powder 400g
Dietary management of Crohn's disease Casein based source of nutrition 1.0 kcal/mL 36 g protein/L Neutral flavor Description: Nestle module IBD is a nutritionally complete powdered feed for the dietary management of people with Crohn's disease. It is to be...
AED. 145.00
Ensure Vanilla Powder, 400 gm
28 essential vitamins and minerals FOS prebiotic to support immune health Calcium necessary for normal bone structure Vitamin D contributes to support normal muscle function Antioxidant to support immune health Ensure is a 1.0kcal/ml, nutritionally complete and balanced powdered milkshake...
AED. 35.25
Ensure Vanilla Powder 850gm
Post the age of 45 an adult's body needs a complete and balanced diet, and the Ensure Powder Milk Vanilla Flavour is the perfect health supplement. It has an ideal blend of all the 32 vital nutrients and is specifically...
AED. 61.50
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