Nuggela & Sule Hair Regenerator Amp 10ml 4's
The Hair Regenerator Ampoules, a powerful combination of active ingredients that work on hair regeneration while increasing its thickness and density up to 30%.Containing Soy Protein, Andean Maca and Marine Glycogen, active ingredients that increase hair density and thickness. Benefits...
AED. 141.75
Nuggela & Sule Effective Anti-hair Loss Amp 10ml 4's
The Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules, a high concentration of active ingredients that combines traditional techniques with the latest generation to stop hair loss and start its regeneration. Containing Red Onion Extract, Caprylic Acid and Marine Glycogen, active ingredients that stop hair...
AED. 141.75
Nuggela & Sule Hair Mist With Hyaluronic Acid 207ml
Inspired by an oceanic maar, Hair Mist is the first after-shower capillary mist created to provide the hair with a gorgeous look, all day every day. Containing Artichoke Leaf, Extract Cotton Extract and Betaine, active ingredients that guide the hair...
AED. 99.75
Priorin N Capsules for hair loss 90 capsules
Priorin N Capsules : Do you sometimes feel that your hair is not as thick and full-looking as it used to be? Priorin Capsules are a solution for treating hair loss.One of the main ingredients is a full extract of...
AED. 299.00
Regaine Foam For Men 5% Tripple Pack 3s
REGAINE® Foam is the first and only scientifically proven foam hair loss treatment to help stop and even reverse hereditary hair loss, working deep down at the root. 9/10 men said they kept or regrew hair after 16 weeks of...
AED. 272.50
Neoxidil 2% Solution
Neoxidil 2% Solution is indicated in the treatment of male pattern baldness in men and women. It stimulates hair growth and stabilizes hair loss in patients with alopecia androgenetica. At least four months of continuous use is generally required before...
AED. 83.50
Nyda Anti lice Spray Safe for All Family Members
Nyda Anti lice Spray is an effective treatment of head lice and its eggs (also called nits). No harmful effect on scalp/hair No allergic reactions Suitable for all family members Kills both lice and eggs The effect is achieved by...
AED. 88.00
Blue Cap Spray 100ml
BLUE CAP SPRAY is indicated for the daily hygiene of skins with Seborrheic Dermatitis and Atypical Eczema. It relieves itching and eliminates the flaking of the skin and scalp, improving their general condition and appearance. This product has high antibacterial...
AED. 99.00
Regaine Foam 5% Minoxidil 60gm
REGAINE® Foam is the first and only scientifically proven foam hair loss treatment to help stop and even reverse hereditary hair loss, working deep down at the root. 9/10 men said they kept or regrew hair after 16 weeks of...
AED. 136.00
Permea Plus Hair Repair Massage Oil 100ml
A weekly scalp massage with permea plus hair repair massage oil is essential to encourage new hair growth Permea plus hair repair massage oil contains 6 pure, natural oils for nourishing the scalp and hair It combats hair loss and...
AED. 115.50
Regaine 2% Topical Solution for Women 60ml
REGAINE 2% Topical Solution contains Minoxidil which acts on the scalp to help hair growth on the bald area. It is used for the treatment of common hereditary baldness (a condition called alopecia androgenetic). Pack 60 mL
AED. 88.00
Regaine 5% Topical Solution for Men 60ml
REGAINE® Extra Strength Solution is clinically proven to re-grow hair in 3 out of 5 men and results may be seen in as early as 8 weeks. Extra strength solution is licensed for hereditary hair loss in men ages 18...
AED. 124.00
Bioclin Phydrium Adv Amp Women 15X5ml
Help to reactivate the local micro-circulation and to stimulate cell regeneration, contrasting premature aging of hair roots and revitalizing the hair from its roots (Stimoxidil® Complex and pool of B-Group Vitamins). Owing to their nourishing and revitalizing action, they give...
AED. 315.00 AED. 220.50
Migliorin Hair Loss Spray 125ml
This innovative spray lotion helps to oxygenate and promote capillary circulation to the roots, whilst strengthening the hair. The added golden millet extract is a cereal rich in silicic acid which is a natural and principal component for nourishing and...
AED. 225.00
Killy Lice Shampoo 80ml
Killy Lice Shampoo is an effective and safe anti-lice shampoo. Components Pyrethrin 0.165%, piperonyl petoxide 1.65% Pyrethrin is a natural substance extracted from tulips and does not irritate the skin, it is safe to use. The addition of piperonyl betoxide...
AED. 65.00
Bioclin Bio-Clean Up Single Dose Cream
Bioclin Bio-Clean Up Single Dose Cream is a deep cleansing exfoliating cream delicately formulated with white nettle extract, salicylic acid, and piroctone olamine to help eliminate flaking and balance, soothe, and purify the scalp. This exclusive shampoo system cleans hair...
AED. 84.00 AED. 58.80
Bioclin Bio-Hair Perfector Restructuring Treatment 100ml
Bioclin Bio-Hair Perfector Restructuring Treatment specifically formulated to nourish and regenerate colored, treated, and damaged hair. The exclusive delicate cleansing system without aggressive foaming agents ensures an effective and delicate action that is gentle on even the most sensitive skins....
AED. 136.50 AED. 95.55
Ionil T Shampoo 200ml
Ionil Treatment Scalp Shampoo therapeutically relieves the itching and flaking associated with dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis of the scalp. Doubly active shampoo that prevents the formation of dandruff. It is indicated for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the...
AED. 55.00
Alpecin Caffeine Liquid 200ml
In the morning and after every hair was, use the dosage tip to directly apply product to towel-dried scalp and massage in Avoid contact with eyes Do not rinse out, let it dry briefly, then comb the hair once again,...
AED. 73.75
Hair Gaine 2% Lotion 60ml
For hormonal hair loss, acts predominantly by causing direct peripheral vasodilatation of the arterioles. When applied topically to the scalp Minoxidil may stimulate hair growth to a limited extent, can be used as an adjuvant treatment of alopecia. Relaxes blood...
AED. 61.50
Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 for Men Anti-hairloss Treatment 6mlx21s
An exclusive combination of Aminexil, reference anti-hair loss molecule with proven clinical efficacy, with 5 active ingredients, for comprehensive action.[FROM ROOT]Helps anchor hair on the scalp.[TO TIP]Promotes strong, resistant fiber.[+ NEW SCALP-STRENGTHENING ACTION]Reduces micro-imbalances of the scalp and boosts the...
AED. 424.00
Complidermol Lotion 120ml
Complidermol 5Alfa anti-hair loss lotion has been specifically designed to act against excessive hair loss. Thanks to its formula it acts by slowing down hair loss, strengthening the structure and stimulating growth. This product is especially indicated for fragilehair and...
AED. 157.65
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