Allergika Foot Lotion 10% Urea 100ml
Allergika foot lotion with urea 10% reduces foot cracking due to the intensive dryness, roughness and also is suitable for diabetics. Urea enhanced with glycerin and lactic acid immediately softens the skin and causes a tangible reduction in calluses within...
AED. 105.00 AED. 73.50
Nacomi Smooth Foot Cream Cucumber Moisturizer 85ml
Nacomi Smooth Foot Cream Cucumber Moisturizer contains the vegan equivalent of snail slime – a unique ingredient that prevents water loss and soothes the skin, along with herbal extract which combines the power of 5 herbs, to improve blood circulation...
AED. 68.25 AED. 27.30
Allergika Foot Peeling Active 100ml
Allergika Foot Peeling Active for gentle callus removal on extremely dry, rough feet. Suitable for diabetics. Benefits Innovative, invigorating bio-active peeling is gentle on the skin and the environment Easily washable and moisturizing without risk of slipping Noticeably invigorating active...
AED. 94.50 AED. 66.15
Nacomi Foot Scrub Refreshing Green Tea 125g
If you want your feet to be irresistibly beautiful, try this natural, sugar and shea butter-based foot scrub, with the refreshing smell of green tea. It scrubs away dead cells and contains grape seed oil and jojoba oil, which deeply...
AED. 63.00 AED. 31.50
Palmers cocoa butter foot magic 60gm
Palmer's cocoa butter formula foot magic, made with pure cocoa butter, enriched with vitamin E and other natural emollients, provides a deep penetrating treatment for the feet. This unique formulation moisturizes, softens and smoothes even the roughest, driest skin. The...
AED. 23.63
Bioclin Control Hand and Foot Deo Cream
Regulates the perspiration process, keeps sweat under control, and neutralizes odor all day long, preventing unsightly stains on clothing. Enriched with Xylitol to help keep the growth of bacteria under control and aloe vera to soothe and moisturize skin. Components...
AED. 105.00 AED. 73.50
Cerave Sa Renewing Foot Cream 88ml
CeraVe SA Renewing Foot Cream effectively moisturises and helps to protect the natural skin barrier of the feet. This fast-absorbing, non-greasy cream, with 3 essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid, exfoliates and moisturises extremely dry, rough feet to smooth and improve...
AED. 59.85
Pupa Repairing Foot Mask 16ml
AED. 47.25 AED. 33.08
Pupa Repairing Foot Mask 16ml
A tissue foot mask impregnated with an intensive treatment that works in a few minutes for an instant result. It hydrates and nourishes your feet and heels, leaving them soft and smooth.A real beauty treatment for your feet.Suitable for all...
AED. 47.25 AED. 33.08
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