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Euro D 1000 Vitamin D3 capsules 60s
Vitamin D deficiency is popular in the case of the following conditions: Always using sunscreen when going out. Staying indoors. Having dark skin Being elderly "over 65 years" Being overweight or obese. Not eating much fish or dairy. Living far...
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Euro D 10000 Capsules , 30s
Euro D 10,000 IU capsule is used for deficiency of vitamin D and other conditions. It supports the immune system against different types of infection. Euro D 10,000 works by increasing the absorption of calcium and phosphorus required for strong...
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D-Forte 50000 IU Capsules 100s
D-Forte 50,000 IU Capsulesis vitamin D2 or ergocalciferol that promotes active absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the small intestine, thus elevating serum, calcium and phosphate levels sufficiently to promote bone marrow mineralization.Benefits ofD-Forte 50,000 IU Capsules: It helps to...
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