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Dermoxen 4Men Intimate Cleanser 125ml
DermoXEN 4MEN is the new cleanser for the daily intimate hygiene of men, especially designed for people who attend gyms, swimming pools and other places at risk. Thanks to its cleansing action, it protects from bacterial attacks, helps prevent bad...
AED. 60.90
Dermoxen Intimate Cleanser Anti-Odor 125ml
DermoXEN ANTI-ODOUR is the intimate cleanser that specifically and naturally fights bad vaginal odors, which are often symptoms of discomfort and vaginal infections (Candida Albicans, Gardnerella vaginalis). Enriched with innovative prebiotic fibres of natural origin, fundamental to regulate vaginal bacterial...
AED. 60.90
Dermoxen Intimate Cleanser Proneem 125ml
DermoXEN PRONEEM is the intimate cleanser for your daily intimate hygiene, recommended especially during periods, pregnancy, and postpartum. Its formulation, with a natural antibacterial extract, cleanses and helps prevent bacterial proliferation. TESTED EFFICACY*. Allergen-free fragrance.
AED. 60.90
Dermoxen 4Girls Intimate Cleanser 125ml
DermoXEN intimate cleanser 4GIRLS, designed for daily intimate hygiene of prepubertal girls, is recommended as an adjuvant treatment for preventing intimate problems that characterise this period of life. Thanks to its formula with prebiotic fibres, it respects the vaginal pH,...
AED. 60.90
Dermoxen Intimate Cleanser Lenitivo 125ml
DermoXEN intimate cleanser LENITIVO takes care of women, exerting a moisturizing and soothing action, in case of vaginal dryness, itching and redness, thanks to the presence of a mix of natural extracts. Allergen free fragrance.
AED. 60.90
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