Pic Insupen Pen Needle 32G x 4 mm
Sterile, disposable pen needles using the Pic needle, created in line with the IndolorTM Experience principles. They give you a comfortable and practically painless injection thanks to Pic technology, including an exceptionally small outer diameter, thinner walls, triple sharpening and...
AED. 100.00
Accu-Fine 0.25mm 31G X 6mm Pen Needles
Accu-Fine 0.25mm 31G X 6mm Pen Needles
AED. 95.00
Urine Container Sterile 60ml
Urine Container 60ml, made from PP material, screw cap, three lines graduation, with a sticker, mainly apply for urine collection. Features Medical grade PP material, ensure reliable quality Screwcap, good sealing, watertight, no leakage with or without a label Individual...
AED. 5.25
Novofine Needles 31g, 100s
Sterile needles for single use. The needles are designed to be used with Novo Nordisk delivery systems and most popular prefilled syringes & insulin pen brands. Sterility is guaranteed if the needle seal is unbroken.
AED. 115.00
Accu-Fine 0.25mm X 5mm Insulin Pen Needles
Accu-Fine insulin pen needles allow gentle injections and can be used practically from everyone.Accu-Fine needles can be used with all usual insulin pens. Gentle injection: special grinding, special coating, and fine needle Dual protection: with two protective caps Practical for...
AED. 95.00
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