PediavitD Drops 50ml
Pediavit D is generally used as a vitamin D supplement. This product can be used safely since birth. Pediavit D drops to reduce the risk of rickets in children. It helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth....
AED. 72.00
Pediavit Fortified 50ml
PediaVit Fortified is the ideal multivitamin supplementation with the required Vitamin D & Iron contents which provide the RDA as per the WHO and APP recommendations. Benefits: 1- ideal multivitamin supplementation with the required Vitamin D & Iron contents which...
AED. 40.00
Calcibella + Ferrobella Choco Spread 350g Offer Pack 2s
Calcibella Chocolate Spread 350g Calcibella is the first fortified Calcium, D3, K2 in Liquid Chocolate form containing 6 active ingredients. It ensuring the 3-steps required for bone matrix formation, Intake, absorption and deposition. Calcibella, is rich in calcium and essential...
AED. 99.02
Ditamin Babyvit D3 400IU 10ml
Ditamin BabyVit Liquid Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin which helps in the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus for building and keeping strong bones for growing babies. It is an allergen free daily food supplement and does not contains...
AED. 140.00
Calcibella + Vitabella Choco Spread 350g Offer Pack 2s
Vitabella Multivitamins Chocolate Spread 350g The First Multi-Minerals, Multi-Vitamins & Appetizer made with Innovative Micro-Dispersion Technology and Tasty Fortified Chocolate. It ensures maximum bioavailability and maximum efficacy. It has a wonderful taste to Ensure Regular Intake. Calcibella Chocolate Spread 350g...
AED. 99.02
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