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Velpeau Ligaction Pro Open Brace knee splint
Orthopaedic correction, knee, splint, and articulated orthosis. Indication Orthopaedic treatment of sprains. Post-surgical rehabilitation,sport resumption. Chronic laxity. Feature Open orthosis, with fastening and adjustment using foursemi-circular straps, to avoid slippage when putting it on. Broad adjustment ranges. Clear popliteal fossa....
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Velpeau Ligaction City Knee Splint
Orthopedic correction, knee, splint, and articulated orthosis. Indication Treatment of chronic or acute pain AND mild ligament instability.Patella hyper-mobility, subluxation, and dislocation.Painful femoropatellar syndrome in the case of retro-patellar osteoarthritis onsetarthritis (joint inflammation) with or without joint effusion. The product...
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Rhiza Pro Velpeau Hand Wrist
Orthopaedic correction, hand-wrist, static orthosis, wrist-thumb. Indications Thumb Rhizarthrosis, metacarpophalangeal sprain. Feature Three-dimensional knitted fabric, cotton interior. Lightweight and not bulky. Thermoformable plate. Thumb / Index clamping conserved. Ambidextrous.
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Velpeau Manu Xpro Static Orthosis for Hand Wrist Right Hand
L & R Manu Xpro Static Wrist-Hand-Inch Orthosis Description Orthopedic correction, hand-wrist, static orthosis, wrist-thumb.Immobilization of the thumb and wrist obtained by conformable whales.1 Posology: Immobilization in case of: - states of post-traumatic and post-operative irritation at the level of...
AED. 310.00
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