Aqua Maris Plus 30ml
"Аqua Maris® Plus is an isotonic saline nasal spray with D-panthenol. Аqua Maris® Plus is formulated with low sodium seawater content, which removes excess mucus from the nostrils.Due to the formulation with D-panthenol, Аqua Maris® Plus accelerates wound healing and...
AED. 55.00
Aqua Maris Baby Nasal Spray 50ml
Aqua Maris® Baby nasal spray is intended to be used by children with colds and allergies. It eliminates allergens, viruses, bacteria and impurities, making the clearing of accumulated nasal discharge easier, simultaneously moisturizing and regenerating the nasal mucosa. Aqua Maris...
AED. 45.00
Aqua Maris Strong Nasal Spray 30ml
Hypertonic seawater in Aqua Maris Strong has a soothing effect on the mucus membranes of the upper respiratory tract. Because of its salt contents, Aqua Maris® Strong purified seawater removes excess fluid from the nasal mucous membranes, thereby decreasing its...
AED. 40.00
Aqua Maris Classic Nasal Spray 30ml
Aqua Maris Classic nasal spray with natural minerals and trace elements gently cleans and nourishes nasal passages and provides long-term care for irritated and dry nose. Aqua Maris Classic is recommended for: People who suffer from a viral cold, flu...
AED. 40.00
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