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Versol Normal Saline 0.9% for irrigation 1 Liter
Sterile solution for rinsing and irrigation Versol bottles are used for rinsing and irrigation of wounds. - Sodium chloride 0.9% pour bottles are used for rinsing procedures which require a sterile, isotonic solution, including during surgery. Composition Sodium chloride 0.9%...
AED. 11.00 AED. 10.45
Panadol Cold & Flu All In One, 24 Tablets
Panadol Cold & Flu All in one tablet provides relives from cold + flu symptoms including chesty cough. Panadol Cold & flu All in one tablet can be used for the relief of: Chesty cough Nasal Congestion Sore throat Headache...
AED. 16.00
Fabimilk Comfort Baby Formula 400gm
Fabimilk comfort is indicated for baby's comfortable digestion enriched with : DHA, AA, OPO Oligosaccharides Nucleotides Probiotics Fabimilk comfort is a nourishing substitute meeting all of the needs of the baby from birth onwards. Fabimilk comfort is specially developed for...
AED. 44.00
Xenical 120mg Capsules 84s
Xenical 120mg Capsules, when used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet, can be used for obesity management, including weight loss and weight maintenance.Xenical works in your digestive system to block one-third of the fat in the food you eat from...
AED. 291.00
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Procomil Spray for Men 100ml
AED. 34.50 AED. 32.77
Procomil Spray for Men 100ml
Procomil Spray for Men is local surface anesthesia of the skin and mucous membrane. Due to its excellent skin tolerability, it can also be applied in case of premature ejaculation. How to Use Procomil Spray Unless otherwise prescribed by the...
AED. 34.50 AED. 32.77
Panadol Cold & Flu Green Tablets 24's
Panadol Cold+Flu tablets provide nighttime relief from Cold and flu symptoms. It can be used for: Blocked and runny nose Headache and body ache Fever Sinus pain/ Congesion Itchy and watery eyes Sneezing Composition Paracetamol = 500 mg Chlorpheniramine = 2...
AED. 13.00
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Haircode Keratin Enhancer Capsules 60s
HairCode Keratin Capsules is a combination of Cynatine (bioavailable and bioactive keratin, in addition to Bamboo Extract and Grape seed extract, copper, iron, Zinc, Biotin, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), Niacin (vitamin b3), pantothenic acid (vitamin b5 ), Selenium. HairCode Support the...
AED. 336.00 AED. 319.20
OneTouch Select Plus Strips 50s
The OneTouch Select Plus Test Strips are used with the OneTouch Select Plus Family of Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems (OneTouch Select Plus, OneTouch Select Plus Simple) for the quantitative measurement of glucose (sugar) in fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn...
AED. 70.00
Fenistil Drops 1mg/1ml 20ml
Fenistil Drops is used for for the treatment of allergic skin reactions such as hives and itching associated with eczema and dermatitis. It is also used for treatment of pruritus of various etiologies: endogenous pruritus, eruptive diseases, such as chickenpox....
AED. 16.50
Panadol Vapour Release Sachets 10s
Panadol Vapour Release Sachets is recommended for relief of common cold symptoms including headache, sore throat, nasal congestion and sinusitis, and their associated body pain, aches, and fever.Its also recommended for relief of sinusitis symptoms such as sinus headache, pain,...
AED. 22.00
Hermes Cevitt 1000 mg Effervescent tablets 20s
Hermes Vitamin C effervescent tablet contains 1000 mg of vitamin C with orange flavor, suitable for the diabetics as it is sugar-free. Hermes Vitamin C can be used for different health benefits like: Common cold and flu as an immunity...
AED. 38.00
Panadol Night 24 Tablets
Panadol Night contains two active ingredients, Paracetamol which is an analgesic (a pain reliever which relieves aches) and antipyretic (reduces body temperature when you have a fever) and Diphenhydramine hydrochloride, an antihistamine with additional sedative properties. Panadol Night provides nighttime...
AED. 18.50
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Allergika Hydrolotio Sensitive Body Lotion 200ml
Allergika hydrolotio sensitive is relieving acute care for dry, itching, and inflammation prone skin. Eczema Psoriasis Urticarial Polidocanol (2%) effectively relieves the itching sensation Glycerin (10%) provides the skin with intense moisture and prevents inflammation. Also, cools and soothes the...
AED. 160.00 AED. 96.00
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Allergika Eyelid Cream 15ml
AED. 161.70 AED. 97.02
Allergika Eyelid Cream 15ml
Allergika Eyelid Cream from Allergika Germany is a potent moisturizer for dry, itchy, red, and scaly eyelids. Allergika eyelid cream is clinically proven to repair and strengthen the skin barrier with 10% glycerine, allantoin, bisabolol, vitamin E. Allergika Eyelid Cream...
AED. 161.70 AED. 97.02
Multi-Mam Nipple Compresses Nursing Pads
Multi-Mam Compresses are used for intensive nipple treatment.The compresses are impregnated with the bioactive 2 QR complex molecule which neutralizes harmful microbes and supports the healing process of the injured/cracked nipple. They give direct relief to the discomforts experienced by...
AED. 90.00
Otrivin 0.1% Menthol, Nasal Spray 10ml
Otrivin Menthol Metered Dose Nasal Spray provides Fast & nasal decongestant that also relieves sinus pressure symptoms. It provides up to 12 hours of relief in as little as 2 minutes. Otrivin Menthol delivers an exact dose of medicated spray...
AED. 27.00
Eros Delay Spray 14ml
Eros Spray prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse, needed by anyone who has difficulty achieving full sexual satisfaction because of premature ejaculation. Increase sexual stamina and ejaculation for anyone who has difficulty achieving full sexual satisfaction due to premature ejaculation....
AED. 20.00
Potenz Delay Spray for Men 30ml
Potenz Delay Spray is a long time spray for men that is natural and chemical-free. It provides a solution to premature ejaculation. The maximum strength of Potenz Delay Spray is designed for good performance. Packaged in a small, easy-to-use, discreet...
AED. 100.00
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Eros Delay Cream 15gm
Eros Delay Cream is aimed to decrease the sensitivity of the Penis allowing a man to get maximum pleasure and long-lasting ejaculation. Surface analgesic for extending climax and pleasure. Apply a thin layer of Eros Cream on the head of...
AED. 15.00
Fabimilk 3 from 1 to 3 years 400gm
Fabimilk 3 Baby Formula is enriched with DHA & AA, alpha-lactalbumin, iron, vitamins and minerals, with added fibre. It is a full nutritional system that supports the physical and mental development of your baby thanks to the fact that it...
AED. 38.00
Nicotinell 1mg Mint Lozenges 36s
Nicotinell 1mg Mint Lozenges helps you stop smoking.For smokers of less than 20 cigarettes a day. Nicotinell mint-flavored lozenges help you to overcome the withdrawal symptoms caused by reducing the amount you smoke or quitting altogether. To help cut down...
AED. 25.88
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Maximum Female Multivitamins Tablets 90s
Maximum Female  is a complete vitamin and mineral formula for a optimal health. Designed for the specific needs of a woman, Maximum Female combines nature's finest ingredients all into one simple formula. Benefits Complete Vitamin and Mineral Formula for Optimal...
AED. 105.00 AED. 73.50
Priorin N Capsules for hair loss 90 capsules
Priorin Capsules are from a plant basis and for oral use and it acts against hair loss and thinning hair. It contains a combination of millet extract, L-cysteine, and calcium pantothenate that has been clinically shown to stimulate and improve...
AED. 299.00
Permea Plus Hair Skin Nails Tablets 30s
Permea Plus is a premium multivitamin that contains pure pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Permea Plus contains 26 vitally important minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that nourish the living cells for amazing-looking, healthy hair, skin, and nails. Permea Plus is your daily multivitamin and...
AED. 125.00
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