Tears Guard Eye Drops 15ml

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Tears Guard
Eye Care
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  • A Sterile 15-ml Lubricant Eye Drops Indicated for Contact lens-induced dry eye, Computer vision fatigue, Old age & Pregnant and Post-Menopausal Women.
  • Tears Guard offers tears like lubrication for the relief of dry eye and eye irritation associated with deficiency of tears production, contact lenses wearers, exposure to wind, sun, and computer screens.
  • Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome especially for contact lenses wearers, heavy computers and screens users, Old age & Pregnant and Post-Menopausal Women.
  • Tears Guard is the preservative-free in the eye artificial tears that is safe as Water and Oxygen
  • Tears Guard is the preservative-free in the eye artificial tears that is an excellent choice for contact lenses wearers’ patients.
  • Tears Guard packed in a multi-dose bottle that makes it easy in use and convenient to patients.
  • Tears Guard is safe for long-term use
  • Tears Guard is safe for sensitive eye patients

How to use

1- Wash your hand then turn the cap in a clockwise direction to pierce the tip of the bottle

2- Turn the cap in the other direction (counter-clockwise) to open it.

3- Tilt your head backward.

4-Pull the lower eyelid down by your index finger while holding the bottle in the other hand, then press the bottle to instill only one drop into the eye.

5- Close your eye and press on the angle of the eye for around 1- 2 minutes to prevent leakage of the drop through a nasolacrimal duct to your throat.

* In special situations you can repeat the steps from 3 – 5 in the other eye.

6- Close the bottle after usage.

Instill 1-2 Drops Four Times Daily or as often as needed.

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