Litholexal Marine Extract Bone Health Tablets 60s

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Bone Health
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AED. 138.00

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ithoLexal® Bone Health contains a unique, multi-mineral marine plant-derived extract, harvested from the mineral rich Icelandic waters, that provides the body with a highly bioavailable source of calcium, magnesium and over 70 additional trace minerals for superior bone rebuilding action.

 As we age, the body’s ability to rebuild the bones naturally declines. Additionally, lifestyle factors, such as stress, injuries, bodyweight, diet, physical labour, alcohol or smoking, as well as general health, gender, hormones and ageing, can all speed up this natural decline or reduce the overall effectiveness of the bone rebuilding cycle.


  • Unique marine plant-based ingredient; the LithoLexal® extract is sourced from the mineral-rich waters of Iceland
  • Up to DOUBLE the bioavailability of key bone-building mineral calcium when compared to the generic rock-based calcium in nearly all other products
  • Up to THREE TIMES the mineralisation of new bone cells – contributing to more effective bone rebuilding and reduction in the loss of bone mineral as we age
  • Scientifically formulated to help maintain strong and dense bones throughout life
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