Filorga C-Recover Anti-Fatigue Radiance Concentrate 3 Vialsx10mL
Concentrate of effectiveness: Pure and ultra-concentrated vitamin C (8%), in an airtight and light-resistant packaging to make sure its properties are preserved until use.Radiance booster: Recognized for its antioxidant action, vitamin C boosts collagen production and skin radiance.Pro-youth action: Enriched...
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Filorga Foam Cleanser 150ml
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Filorga Foam Cleanser 150ml
Filorga Foam Cleanser is enriched with hyaluronic acid, an active agent that moisturizes the skin and combats aging, this product gently cleanses the skin and removes makeup. the skin is left perfectly clean, ready for your anti-aging cream. this product...
AED. 154.35 AED. 115.76
Filorga Hydra-Aox 5 Intensive Antioxidant Serum 30ml
The FILORGA intensive antioxidant face serum that gives you younger-looking skin for longer. The HYDRA-AOX [5] intensive antioxidant FILORGA face serum corrects and prevents early signs of ageing while protecting the skin against external aggressors (pollution and blue light), to...
AED. 342.30
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Filorga Meso Mask Anti Wrinkle Light Mask 50ml
MESO-MASK sublimates skin while bringing light and glare. It treats wrinkles and erases the signs of tiredness.The rhamnose polysaccharide alleviates irritations, unifies, and instantly clears up the complexion, for long. NCTF, our exclusive formula's heart, stimulates cellular activity and collagenic...
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Filorga Ncef Reverse Eyes Multi Correction Cream 15ml
Filorga Ncef Reverse Eyes Multi Correction Cream is a multi-correcting eye cream concentrated in NCEF to reduce the appearance of the signs of aging and visibly reduce the signs of eye fatigue. NCEF, a unique multi-revitalizing complex developed by FILORGA Laboratories,...
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Filorga Ncef Shot Polyrevitalising Serum 15ml
The anti-ageing treatment, ultra-concentrated in NCEF, incorporating for the first time revitalising active ingredients at a daily dose equivalent to one meso-injection1 to intensely correct wrinkles, firmness and radiance in just 10 days2! This intensive anti-ageing facial treatment provides the skin...
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Filorga NCTF Reverse Matt Fluid 50ml
Filorga declines its NCTF-Reverse range in several innovative beauty treatments. NCTF-Reverse Mat is a regenerating fluid with powerful rejuvenating properties. The presence of hyaluronic acid makes it possible to fight effectively against the signs of age. Wrinkles are softened, and...
AED. 605.85 AED. 454.39
Filorga Nutri Filler Lips 4gm
Filorga Nutri Filler Lips is an ultra-nourishing balm oil to comfort and plump dry lips and give natural brightness. Nourishing and repairing: a duo of highly nourishing oils and repairing shea butter nourish, restore and protect damaged lips. Plumping and...
AED. 171.15
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Filorga Optim Eyes Lotion Make Up Remover Serum Clear 50ml
Filorga Optim-Eyes Lotion removes make-up, revitalizes, and fortifies lashes. Two-phase make-up remover enriched with an oleo-clean complex to instantly remove all eye make-up, even waterproof. Fortifying serum phase contains a stimulating peptide and a protein booster, to visibly reduce signs...
AED. 147.00
Filorga Optim-Eyes Contour Cream
Filorga Optim-Eyes Contour Cream is a triple-action eye care to reduce dark circles, under-eye bags, and wrinkles in a single step. Dark circles: A (matrikines + chrysin) complex fosters the elimination of pigmented residue to reduce the color of dark...
AED. 348.60
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Filorga Oxyen Glow SPF30 CC Cream 40ml
The first hybrid CC cream that boosts skin oxygenation, enhances the complexion and provides daily urban protection. OXYGEN-GLOW CC Cream is a unique formula, inspired by carboxytherapy used in aestheticmedicine, which brings out the skin’s natural glow. With each application, the...
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Filorga Oxygen Glow Perfecting Radiance Cream 50ml
OXYGEN-GLOW, the perfecting day cream that corrects skin in real time and instantly boosts long-term radiance for naturally beautiful skin. Flawless skin goals Developed by FILORGA, the Skin Boosting Factors complex combines an energising oxygenation booster, plumping and smoothing hyaluronic...
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Filorga Pigment Perfect Dark Spot Correcting Serum 30mL
Filorga Pigment Perfect Dark Spot Correcting Serum is a multi-correcting serum to reduce dark spots, for an even complexion and luminous skin. Dark spot correction: A hop extract to reduce the size and intensity of dark spots. Skin tone evening...
AED. 483.00
Filorga Scrub and Mask Reoxygenating Exfoliating Mask 55ml
Filorga Scrub & Mask is a dual-action exfoliating mask to reoxygenate and reveal new skin. Step 1: New-skin revealing scrub Massage gently on a clean face: perlite spheres gently exfoliate the skin while a proteolytic enzyme boosts skin desquamation for...
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Filorga Scrub and Peel Body Cream 150ml
Filorga Scrub And Peel is a dual exfoliating scrub to smooth, renew and hydrate the skin in a single step. Step 1: Dual exfoliation Apply to dry or damp skin and massage: volcanic micro-spheres provide gentle exfoliation for an instant...
AED. 168.00
Filorga Skin Unify Cream 50ml
Filorga Pigment White Face Cream is a multi-action skincare to restore skin evenness at 360° and reveal a luminous and pure complexion. Dark spot correction [immediate + powerful + long-lasting]: Minerals immediately make dark spots less visible, hexylresorcinol, a powerful...
AED. 483.00
Filorga Time Filler Absolute Wrinkle Correction Cream 50ml
Filorga TIME-FILLER is an absolute wrinkles correction cream, which brings all Filorga's expertise in anti-aging aesthetic medicine in a highly concentrated elixir that corrects all types of wrinkles.- Contraction wrinkles: a Botox-like tripeptide limits muscular contractions and relaxes the skin...
AED. 483.00
Filorga Time-Filler Eyes Correction Cream 15ml
All filorga’s expertise in aesthetic medicine within an eye corrector to reduce wrinkles and dark circles, lift up eyelids and boost lashes. Wrinkles: A trio of active ingredients [hyaluronic acid + tripeptide + gentle peeling-effect active ingredient] to relax the...
AED. 366.45
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Filorga Uv Bronze Spf50+ Fluid 40ml
Filorga UV Bronze Mist Brume SPF50+ is a hydra-refreshing anti-agingsun mist. Comprehensive anti-aging shield [photo-activated technology]: a powerful antioxidant, activated by the sun’s rays, gives the skin high protection against UV + IR and combats signs of aging. Refreshing mist:...
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Filorga UV-Defence Anti-Aging Spf50+ 40ml
Very high protection: a powerful combination of sun filters paired with antioxidant vitamin E to protect the skin against UV light and free radicals. Dark spots correction: a hop extract regulates melanin synthesis to fight against photo-induced dark spots. Youth...
AED. 252.00 AED. 189.00
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