Ecrinal Anp 2 Plus Shampoo For Women 200 Ml
ECRINAL® ANP® 2+ based shampoo gently cleanses hair without irritating the scalp. It stimulates the roots and strengthens the hair. Its use is particularly recommended in the case of hair loss. Stimulates the roots and strengthens the hair. Gently cleanses...
AED. 57.75
Ecrinal Anp 2+ Hair Lotion For Men 200 Ml
Strengthens and gives softness and a fresh and clean feeling to the hair and scalp. Can be used in-between shampoos to refresh hairdo. Great as a softening lotion for dry or permed hair. Great as a lift for oily hair...
AED. 89.25
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Ecrinal Anti Hair Loss Intesive Care Ampoule 5 Ml 8'S
Ecrinal ANP 2+ Ampoules are an excellent solution for hair loss. It features new plant based ANP 2+, Macadamia oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and protects cells from oxidation
AED. 204.75
Ecrinal Durcisseur+Vit 10 Ml
AED. 47.25
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Ecrinal Hair 30 Capsules
NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT designed specially to help control dietary deficiencies and biological imbalances that affect the hair’s vital constituents. ECRINAL CAPSULES contain the complementary factors needed for harmonious hair growth as a supplement to one’s daily diet. Rich in cystine, silicon...
AED. 99.75
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