Biorepair Junior Mint 75 Ml
  Refreshingly mint toothpaste BioRepair Junior 7-14 is a paste suitable for school-age kids. During this period, it is especially important to take care of oral hygiene, and the MicroRepair particles contained in the paste will do it very effectively. Instructions...
AED. 26.25
Biorepair Junior Toothpaste 50 Ml
  Biorepair® Junior toothpaste protects against cavities and makes teeth strong and healthy. The amount of active ingredient contained in Biorepair® Junior is the same as that present in adult toothpaste. Its fruity strawberry flavor tones and nourishes the gums....
AED. 18.90
Biorepair Plus Mouthwash with Probiotics 250ml
Biorepair Antibacterial Mouthwash is an aid to treat infections and inflammations of the oral mucosa and it's highly recommended for people susceptible to gum disease and with weakened immune defenses. The combination of its active ingredients makes it ideal for treating...
AED. 45.99
Biorepair Plus Paradont Gel 75 Ml
It protects the gums from inflammation every day. Thanks to microrepair, active microparticles able to go into the micro-scratches of the tooth, it is able to repair damaged enamel and occlude the uncovered dentinal pathway enriched with hyaluronic acid, lactoferrin...
AED. 33.60
Biorepair Plus Sensitive Teeth 75 Ml
The patented biorepairâ plus sensitive teeth formula acts on the dentin in order to reactivate the dentin tubules protection, reducing the problem of sensitivity.
AED. 33.60
Biorepair Total Prot Ph 75 Ml
  Every day, teeth are exposed to mechanical (toothbrush) and chemical (food and acid) stimuli, causing microscopic, imperceptible scratches, cracks and crevices in which sediment, bacteria, and dyes accumulate. Over time, this can lead to more serious damage such as tooth...
AED. 31.50
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