Akileine Absorbing Powder 75Gm
Akileïne Absorbing Powder 75g absorbs the excess of moistness and dampness, due to strong perspiration.Regulates perspiration and creates an insulating protective film that avoids heating and frictions. Instructions Apply the powder to the foot (particularly between the toes and on...
AED. 39.90
Akileine Akildia Cream 75 Ml
Akildia Complete Protection Cream 75ml is especially designed for the diabetic feet, it ensures comprehensive cutaneous protection:- It protects the dehydration of hyperkeratosis,- It reduces the circulation disorders- It reduces the sensitivity to fungal attacks.This treatment, used by podiatrists worldwide, contains...
AED. 36.75
Akileine Antiperspirant Cream 50 Ml
Akileïne Antiperspirant Cream 50ml regulates the strong perspiration of the feet, by respecting the physiological balance of the epidermis. The sweat flow is normalized without being blocked.It maintains the specific pH of the foot epidermis.It protects the sensitive skin from irritations...
AED. 33.60
Akileine Foot Peeling Cream 75 Ml
Thanks to abrasive micro-particles of various forms and sizes, Akileïne Foot Peeling Cream 75ml instantaneously removes the dead and hyperkeratinized cells whilst softening skin.This cream is ideal for very dry feet with callus and roughness, for cracked heels. Instructions 2...
AED. 28.35
Akileine Hydra Defence Baume 125 Ml
Akileïne Hydra-Defense Balm 125ml repairs reinforce and protect skin from external attacks.From the 1st application, the skin is visibly smoother and roughness fade. It moisturizes intensely thanks to Cameline and Grape Seed Oils, and to Imperata Cylindrica which restore skin's hydro-balance.In...
AED. 33.60
Akileine Overnight Foot Mask 100 Ml
Akileãne overnight foot mask revitalizing and smoothing 100ml is a cream specially formulated for the hydration and the care of the very dry feet. This care contains an exclusive formula that associates shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin e, peach and...
AED. 46.20
Akileine Powder Spray 150 Ml
Akileïne Powder Spray 150ml creates an insulating protective film that avoids heating, irritations, and frictions.Absorbs the excess of moistness and moisture. Deodorises and refreshes. Instructions Shake the bottle, and spray on the foot (foot plant, between the toes).Can also be used...
AED. 39.90
Akileine Shoe Spray 150 Ml
Akileïne Spray Feet & Shoes 150ml is a spray that calms the plantar heating. It refreshes agreeably and makes it possible to prevent molds and bacteria. Instructions Morning and evening, as often as necessary, to vaporize to 10 or 20 cm...
AED. 45.15
Akileine Ultra-Smoothing Balm 75 Ml
Akileãne ultra-smoothing balm smooths rough areas of the feet thanks to its high urea content (15%) combined with papain. It also prevents the formation of hard skin and calluses, and its moisturizing plant ingredients offer intense hydration for the skin.
AED. 36.75
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