Pigeon Anti Mosquito Wet Tissue
An effective way to protect your baby against mosquitoes. It is great for outdoor use as these wet tissues are able to keep baby free from mosquitoes and skin irritation for up to 6 hours. Features: Deet-Free Formula Microbiological Test...
AED. 28.35
Pigeon Anti-Mosquito Patch 24s
Protect yourself and most importantly your little ones from mosquitoes. It’s made of natural ingredients so it’s very safe for the baby. While providing up to 6 hours of effective and long-lasting protection against mosquitoes. These are DEET-free, contain no harmful chemicals...
AED. 33.92
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Pigeon Baby Bath Mitten 5838
Pigeon Baby Bath Mitten has a unique texture for cleansing soft and gentle skin. This Bath Mitten contains chitosan fibers providing antibacterial effect. It has a convenient shape with a separate finger that allows mothers to wash the folds of...
AED. 31.50
Pigeon Baby Nail Clippers 808
Pigeon Baby Nail Clippers provides the safest and convenient option for all those parents who find it difficult to clip the nails of their babies. The baby nail scissor comes with sharp blades which gives the nails a clear cut...
AED. 40.95
Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors 802
Baby Nail Scissor K-802, you will not have to worry about cutting your baby's skin by accident while you are cutting their nails. You can cut their nail safely and with precision with these baby nail scissor. If your child...
AED. 47.25
Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors Newborn 807
Pigeon Baby Nail Scissors Newborn small in size, with safety, rounded tips. Use to safely cut the soft, new nails of your newborn baby.
AED. 51.45
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Pigeon Baby Oil 200 ml
Pigeon Baby Oil is a rich blend of Olive oil, Rosehip oil, Chamomile extract, and Vitamin E. Regular massage nourishes and stimulates blood circulation while imparting a wonderful glow to baby's skin. Suitable from Birth. Nourish and moisturize your baby's...
AED. 18.90
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Pigeon Baby Powder 200g
Pigeon Baby Powder is for protection against and relief from irritation and rash, this powder is made with the finest natural ingredients. Its scent is refreshing and it offers baby maximum comfort. Use after bathing, during diaper change, and when...
AED. 19.95
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Pigeon Baby Shampoo 200 ml
Pigeon Baby Shampoo has a gentle ‘Tear Free’ formula that cleans and conditions baby’s delicate hair. It works to clean & condition baby’s hair, leaving it soft & tangle-free.Pigeon Baby Shampoo is enriched with the goodness of Olive Oil, Rosehip...
AED. 23.10
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Pigeon Baby Wipes 82s
Pigeon Baby Wipes with maximum softness for ultimate comfort and care during wiping. Using the right combination of fabric and an intricate technique in weaving the fibers, Pigeon is able to offer an extra soft wipe for baby smooth skin....
AED. 23.10
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Pigeon Baby Wipes 82s
Pigeon Baby Wipes, these are the new and improved baby wipes that are now softer and soothing in cleansing baby's delicate skin. Pigeon Baby Wipes is made from extra soft, extra thick fabric. Pigeon Baby Wipes go through extensive microbiological...
AED. 21.00
Pigeon Baby's First Spoon & Forks
Pigeon’s baby spoon is shaped to be safe for the baby. It is easy to grip and made up of BPA-free material. Safe to Use Slightly curved at the edges to make it safe for the babies to use. Easy...
AED. 37.80
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Pigeon Body Wash 2In1 700 ml 8597
Pigeon Baby Wash is a two-in-one body wash and shampoo. This wash and shampoo helps to clean your baby’s body and hair, without damaging the texture of the skin or hair. It is enriched with natural ingredients like Jojoba and...
AED. 61.95
Pigeon Bottle & Teat Brush
The Pigeon Bottle And Nipple Brush helps you to clean your baby's feeding bottle. This bottle cleaner makes it easier to access distant corners and crevices to eliminate germs and maximize cleaning throughout the nipple and the bottle.
AED. 22.05
Pigeon Breast Pad Honeycomb 36s
Honeycomb lining enables you to spread milk evenly and trap excess milk quickly, also a breathable layer and leak-proof coverage ensures you and your clothing protected, you can stay dry and always feel confident. Ultra-slim and light to fit discreetly...
AED. 52.50
Pigeon Breast Pad Honeycomp 36s
Comes with a special absorbent polymer and stay-dry honeycomb lining to draw excess milk quickly and spreads evenly into the core of the pad, keeping the skin and clothing dry. Maintains form in smooth shape even with the heaviest flow...
AED. 52.50
Pigeon Breast Pad Honeycomp 60s
Comes with a special absorbent polymer and stay-dry honeycomb lining to draw excess milk quickly and spreads evenly into the core of the pad, keeping the skin and clothing dry. Maintains form in smooth shape even with the heaviest flow...
AED. 78.75
Pigeon Breast Pump Manual 16733
For mothers who like simplicity and fuss-free pumps Comfort ProperFit Quiet, compact and lightweight. Phase Technology Stimulation and Expression modes. Comfort ProperFit SofT Silicone Cushion Provides a secure seal and comfortable fit for more efficient pumping. Phase Technology Stimulation and...
AED. 299.25
Pigeon Breast Pump Manual 852
The Pigeon Manual Breast Pump is a perfect way to pump milk for those late nights. The Pump provides a safe and hygienic way to express and store breast milk so that the baby's needs are fulfilled. More comfortable position...
AED. 135.45
Pigeon Breast Pump Plastic 6803
Pigeon Breast Pump Plastic is used to get rid of the remaining milk so that the mammary glands can be stimulated; producing more amounts of milk and thus making breast feeding even more effective. This Pigeon Breast Pump does not...
AED. 45.15
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Pigeon Breast Pump Pro Electric 26141
Offers a secure seal for a comfortable fit and improved pumping Stimulation mode stimulates the breast to start milk flow and expression mode increases milk flow Choose from 7 adjustable pumping levels with 4 adjustable suction speeds Hygienic design reduces...
AED. 786.45
Pigeon Breastmilk Storage Bags 120ml/4Oz 25s
Pigeon breastmilk storage bags are perfect for storing and freezing expressed breast milk. Cost effective and self-standing milk storage bags come with leak-proof double zipper seal. Pre-sterilized with gamma rays for hygiene and safety before use. Pre-sterilized Pigeon milk storage...
AED. 44.10
Pigeon Coloured Milk Container 2208
Holds up to 3 pre-measured ‘feeds’ of formula. Each container can be independently sealed, making it excellent for traveling, or for transporting solid food. Guaranteed correct measurement every time and no spillage. Highlights Milk container allows you to feed your...
AED. 31.50
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