Mucosolvan 30mg/5ml Syrup 100ml
Mucosolvan Syrup is an expectorant that provides an effective relief from cough with mucus for both children and adults. With 3-way action, it loosens the mucus, clears the airways and protects your lungs so you can breathe freely again. Ambroxol...
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Mucosolvan Long Acting 75mg Capsules 10S
Mucosolvan® long-acting (LA) capsules is the first cough medicine with micro-pearls for use in adults and children above 12 years of age. The small micro-pearls dispense the medicine quickly and the large micro-pearls dispense it slowly, relieving cough throughout the...
AED. 16.50
Mucosolvan Syrup 250ml
Mucosolvan is a cough syrup that provides an effective 12-hour solution for a wet cough in adults and children above two years old. It has a trusted formulation of Ambroxol hydrochloride with a three-way action that loosens the phlegm, clears...
AED. 41.50
Mucosolvan Tablets 30mg 20S
Mucosolvan provides an effective solution for cough with phlegm with Ambroxol as an active ingredient. The trusted three way action of Mucosolvan dissolves phlegm, clears in from the lungs and protects against new phlegm build-up has been uniquely developed into...
AED. 13.00
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