Hylo Comod 0.1% Eye Drops 10ml
HYLO-COMOD eye drops do not contain preservatives or phosphates, which can cause irritation of the sensitive eye tissue, so they are exceptionally gentle. They can be used without a medical prescription with all types of soft contact lenses. These drops...
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Hylo Dual Intense Eye Drops 10ml
These eye drops by URSAPHARM are designed for those suffering from chronically dry eyes or irritation caused by allergies, among others. HYLO DUAL INTENSE drops soothe inflammation with intense moisturisation. These drops do not contain any preservatives or phosphates but cannot be used...
AED. 61.00
Hylo Gel Eye Drops 10ml
Hylo-Gel Eye Drops lubricant eye drops is formulated with an increased amount of sodium hyaluronate. Hylo-Gel drops were developed to provide exceptional moisture for chronically dry eyes and after surgical procedures.
AED. 64.00
Hylo Night 250 Iu/g Eye Oint 5g
Hylo-Night is a sterile, preservative free, vitamin A eye ointment that contains 250 IU/g retinol palmitate, liquid paraffin, light liquid paraffin, wool fat and white soft paraffin. Has the addition of Vitamin A which has been shown to improve symptoms...
AED. 21.50
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