Fabimilk 1 From 0 to 6 months 400gm
Enriched with DHA and Alpha-lactalbumin, nucleotides and fibers. Fabimilk 1 is a premium infant formula with a unique blend of the very best quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. Fabimilk 1 is a scientifically advanced formula of similar composition to breast...
AED. 47.25
Fabimilk 2 From 6 to 12 months 400gm
DHA and Alpha-lactalbumin, nucleotides and iron enriched formula with added fiber specially formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of weaning babies 6 months and older if combination feeding or if baby not being breastfed. Fabimilk 2 is adapted as...
AED. 47.25
Fabimilk 3 from 1 to 3 years 400gm
Fabimilk 3 Baby Formula is enriched with DHA & AA, alpha-lactalbumin, iron, vitamins and minerals, with added fibre. It is a full nutritional system that supports the physical and mental development of your baby thanks to the fact that it...
AED. 47.25
Fabimilk Comfort Baby Formula 400gm
Fabimilk comfort is indicated for baby's comfortable digestion enriched with : DHA, AA, OPO Oligosaccharides Nucleotides Probiotics Fabimilk comfort is a nourishing substitute meeting all of the needs of the baby from birth onwards. Fabimilk comfort is specially developed for...
AED. 54.60
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