Paro 1003 Interspace Brush F Hndle W/ 2 Angle&Brus
The paro interspace brush has an ergonomic handle with brushes made of fine rounded bristles which provide both a gentle gum massage and an effective gentle cleaning action in those hard to reach spaces of the mouth.
AED. 15.75
Paro 1013 Interspace Brush F Soft Refill 6Pcs
The paro interspace brush type f - brush refills are for the popular single tuft brush, paroâinterspace brush f, allows an ideal cleaning for fixed orthodontic appliances such as brackets, arch wires, etc.
AED. 23.10
Paro 1030 Slider Starter Kit Incl. Slider Refill B
Paro slider starter kitconsisting of a parosliderincl. 3 xs interdental brushes.
AED. 71.40
Paro 1032 Slider Refill Brshs S L.Blue Cyln 2.5Mm
The innovative paroâslider makes tedious efforts to locate spaces between teeth with interdental brushes a thing of the past, enabling easier and more effective closed-mouth cleaning of interdental spaces than ever before.
AED. 32.55
Paro 1061 Brush Sticks Cvrd W/ Velvty Flckng 10Pcs
Paro brush sticks are a perfect choice for the treatment and prevention of gingival irritation due to their thorough cleaning and simultaneous massage action. The paro brush sticks have a plastic base which is covered with a velvety flocking.
AED. 27.30
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