Nuggela Amber Hair Oil 30ml
Nuggela & Sule Amber Hair Oil 30ml is a hair oil that helps to moisturize and soften the hair, giving it extra shine. It is enriched with 5 African essential oils that facilitate the moisturizing of the hair fiber, for...
AED. 131.25
Dabdub Calming Baby Face & Body Lotion 480ml
Dabdub Calming Baby Face & Body Lotion is specially formulated with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E to help keep your delicate baby's skin beautifully soft. Dabdub's Face & Body Lotion helps hydrate, soften and soothe baby's skin whilst...
AED. 36.00
ISDIN Nutradeica Oily Dandruff Shampoo 200ml
ISDIN Nutradeica Oily Dandruff Shampoo reduces excessive sebum, alleviates itchiness, and reduces dandruff leaving hair soft, shiny, and moisturised.  Benefits Its formula with Ictiole Pale and Piroctone Olamine reduces excess sebum, alleviates itching, and reduces dandruff. Results are visible from...
AED. 173.25
Bepanthen Derma Replenishing Daily Body Lotion 400ml
Bepanthen Derma Replenishing Daily Body Lotion is developed for very dry and sensitive skin and it provides an immediate relief to dry skin. The rich formulation of this clinically proven lotion boosts the skin’s hydration and supports its long-lasting protection and...
AED. 167.00
Nuggela & Sule Epigenetic Shampoo Anti Dandruff 250ml
Nuggela & Sule Anti-Dandruff Epigenetic Shampoo prevents and eliminates both oily and dry dandruff. Due to its epigenetic action it strengthens the hair and improves its quality in each wash.Nuggela & Sule Anti-Dandruff Epigenetic Shampoo contains Red Onion Extract, Piroctone Olamine and...
AED. 115.50
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Eyecandy B1 Tiger Non-med Monthly Lenses 2s
Eyecandy B1 Tiger are Bluish Grey with Deep Yellow Stripes Multi-toned Contact Lenses. It contain a high percentage of water, 40% which is the highest percentage of water in any lens, so it gives you a wonderful feeling for a...
AED. 170.00 AED. 127.50
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