Himalaya Confido Tablets 120s
Confido has following medicinal properties: androgenic aphrodisiac fertility enhancer anxiolytic antioxidant confido is used in the treatment of the following diseases. Early discharge spermatorrhea nocturnal emission Composition Ashwagandha – Withania Somnifera 78 mg Kokilaksha – Asteracantha Longifolia 38 mg Vanya...
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Wellman Conception Tablets 30s
AED. 99.00 AED. 69.30
Wellman Conception Tablets 30s
Wellman Conception Tablets is to help maintain male reproductive health supporting conception.Wellman Conception Tablets has been developed to provide a comprehensive combination of vitamins, minerals, and bio-active nutrients that have been chosen for their role in male reproductive function and...
AED. 99.00 AED. 69.30
Himalaya Speman DS Tablets 120s
Himalayan presents Spemana supplement Ayurvedic formulated with natural herbs that favor male reproductive health to promote spermatogenesis by improving the testicular, seminal vesicle, and the functions of the epididymis completely. Speman the number of sperm improvement and quality of semen...
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Clinicians MACA Performance Plus Capsule 60's
Clinicians MACA Performance Plus is derived from an organic herb native to Peru that has traditionally been used to support stamina, energy, sexual performance and fertility. During the Inca Empire, its use was restricted to nobility, the clergy and privileged...
AED. 198.45 AED. 138.92
Gentaplex capsules 36s
Gentaplex capsule is a powerful sexual stimulant for oral use, indicated to enhance vitality and sexual activity. Gentaplex capsules are the only non-hormonal product that stimulates libido and consequently improves erection. Gentaplex capsules are safe, effective and successful in treating...
AED. 164.00
Ultimate Maca Plus with Ginseng Capsules 90's
Maca Plus with Ginseng from Ultimate is an innovative formula to help enhance cognitive function and physical performance and reduce fatigue in cases of stress. This formula features hand-picked, sustainably grown, organic maca (4:1) that is gelatinized for superior efficacy...
AED. 150.15
Ultimate Testo Power Veg Capsules 60's
Ultimate Testo Power is a synergistic formula specifically designed to address stress and support testosterone production. Each vegetarian capsule features 300 mg of KSM66, a full-spectrum extract of ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. KSM-66 has been...
AED. 222.00
Ultimate Maca Men Capules 60's
Maca for Men from Ultimate combines the energizing benefits of maca with Testofen® fenugreek to support men’s sexual health. Maca is an adaptogen that has been used by Peruvians for thousands of years to increase energy and stamina, enhance libido...
AED. 331.00
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