Multi-Gyn Actigel 50ml
Multi-Gyn ActiGel contains the patent 2QR Complex. The bioactive polysaccharides can treat and prevent vaginal infections by forming an adhesive film to trap the harmful microbes and prevent their adhesion to the body cells. This will lock the first step...
AED. 97.00
Multi-Gyn Femiwash 100ml
Multi-Gyn FemiWash, for daily intimate hygiene, is a gentle, soap-free foam for external use. It contains the patent bioactive 2QR Complex, proven to relieve and protect from itching, redness, and other symptoms of vaginal discomforts. It is perfume-free and preservative-free....
AED. 84.00
Cyteal Antiseptic Solution 500ml
Cyteal Solution is an antiseptic foaming solution containing Hexamidine and chlorhexidine, and chlorocresol. Cyteal Solution is used to clean skin and mucous infections. For Acne & Gynecology & Surgery purposes Components Active Ingredient:Hexamidine diisethionate 0.10 gChlorhexidine gluconate (solution at 20%...
AED. 50.00
Vagibiom Boric Acid + Probiotics Vaginal Suppositories 5's
Vaginal Microflora forms a mutually beneficial relationship with your body and plays a protective role by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, which can lead to vaginosis, vaginal infections, and other urinary tract infections. New studies have shown that an...
AED. 165.00
Betadine Vaginal Douche Kit
Betadine Vaginal Douche has an immediate onset and prolonged duration of action. It is a vaginal cleanser with a broad spectrum of activity. It rapidly eliminates all vaginal pathogens, drastically reduces the risk of infection and prevents recurrence of symptoms....
AED. 86.00
Papilocare Vaginal Gel 5ml 7's
Papilocare Gel Vaginal 7 Canulas 5 ml is a perfect treatment to prevent possible problems and injuries caused by Human Papillomavirus HPV. Benefits Controlling and re-epithelizing the cervical transformation zone to prevent the risk of HPV-induced lesions (LSIL). Coadjuvant treatment of...
AED. 170.00
30% Off
Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash 200ml
A natural daily wash that gently cleanses the skin without disrupting the delicate pH levels of the vagina. Eliminates odour, lightens darkened skin & keeps intimates moisturised & supple. Enlightens & renews embarrassing intimate areas Disinfects, soothes & cleanses it....
AED. 78.75 AED. 55.13
Vagibiom Probiotics-Prebiotics Vaginal Suppositories 5's
Vaginal Microflora forms a mutually beneficial relationship with your body and plays a protective role by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, which can lead to vaginosis, vaginal infections, and other urinary tract infections. The dominant Lactobacilli (or your Good...
AED. 160.00
La Femme Antiseptic Solution 250ml
La Femme Antiseptic Solution is an antiseptic and freshening for intimate areas Treatment of vaginal infections that are caused by bacteria, fungi viruses or parasites Other indications of primary skin diseases e.g acne, intertrigo, cutaneous mycosis, disinfection of hand, disinfection...
AED. 49.00
30% Off
Beesline Whitening Sensitive Zone Cream 50ml
Whitening Sensitive Zone Cream from Beesline is for all skin types that were darkened unexposed body areas a safe, effective cream that lightens, moisturizes & rejuvenates underarms, bikini line, and intimate zone. Whitening Sensitive Zone Cream from Beesline soothes and...
AED. 136.50 AED. 95.55
Bioclin Deo Intimate Spray 100ml
Bioclin Deo Intimate Spray is for perspiration in the intimate areas. It specifically formulated to prevent bad odors in the male and female genital regions, providing maximum comfort and long-lasting freshness. The groin area is home to a number of...
AED. 73.50
30% Off
Beesline Whitening Sensitive Zone Soap Bar 110gm
Skin type: for the darkened unexposed body areas. A whitening vegetal moisturizing soap for intimate hygiene that: • lightens & rejuvenates embarrassing intimate dark areas (inner thighs, etc.) • disinfects & cleanses the skin results: after a month of regular...
AED. 47.25 AED. 33.08
5% Off
Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash 3.8 200ml
Intimate hygiene is extremely important for women. When young girls begin to have a monthly cycle, the level of the hormone estrogen in the female body begins to rise and the pH begins to decrease. A more acidic pH value...
AED. 48.95 AED. 46.50
5% Off
Vaginal Douche Rubber Irrigation Device 1pc
Makida medical-grade compact douche - dishwasher safe material makes cleaning easy and convenient TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Compact size and flat base to enable it to be stood upright
AED. 48.42 AED. 45.99
Betadine Intimate Wash Moisturizing Calendula 50mL
An imbalance in healthy intimate flora can result in a variety of symptoms, such as itch, odor, and excessive discharge. Betadine vaginal Wash Liquid Daily Use Moisturizing Calendula, is designed exclusively for feminine hygiene needs. Betadine vaginal Wash Liquid nourishes...
AED. 27.83
5% Off
Melagyn Gel 200ml
AED. 54.00 AED. 51.30
Melagyn Gel 200ml
With pH 8.5 - acts as a protective screen, With antiseptic properties against fungi and bacteria Calms the itching and has a natural deodorant effect Suitable for sensitive skin 1 x Melagyn Gel 200ml
AED. 54.00 AED. 51.30
Betadine Intimate Wash Odour Control 50ml
Betadine Intimate Wash Daily Use Witch Hazel helps stop and prevent feminine odours. It is exclusively designed to help relieves undesirable feminine odours whilst protecting sensitive intimate skin. Its unique pH balanced Tricare formulation with prebiotics and natural witch hazel...
AED. 27.83
Betadine Vaginal Douche 10% 250ml
Betadine Medicated Vaginal Douche Kit posses the complete broad-spectrum microbicidal activity against all pathogenic organisms which commonly cause: any specific and unspecific vaginitis, all mixed infection; including chlamydia, mycoplasma, herpes, candida Albicans, and trichomonas vaginalis. Proven effective for symptomatic relief...
AED. 70.00
5% Off
Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel 7's
AED. 130.00 AED. 123.50
Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel 7's
Relactagel is a Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment. The lactic acid gel that is clinically proven to treat and prevent Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Giving relief from abnormal vaginal odour and discharge associated with BV. Relactagel provides relief from embarrassing vaginal odour. Relieves...
AED. 130.00 AED. 123.50
30% Off
Beesline Deodorant Sensifresh Whitening Spray 150ml
Beesline Deodorant Sensifresh Whitening Spray for Sensitive Zone Whitening is a skin-friendly hygienic deodorant, where it: • controls odor-causing bacteria. • evens out the sensitive zone's skin tone. • absorbs unpleasant odors & wetness. • soothes & moisturizes the sensitive...
AED. 82.95 AED. 58.07
5% Off
Germx Vaginal Douche 10 ampoule X 5ml
Germ X contains 10 % of Povidone Iodine as active ingredient, which is an antiseptic; it is very effective against vaginal bacteria and fungus, as for the glycerin moisturizes the vagina and preserves its hygiene. Its effective against genital viral...
AED. 70.60 AED. 67.07
Gynagyn BV Vaginal Gel 4ml 7's
Gynagyn BV is a combination of Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Rosemary oil extract that has proven efficacy in the treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis and the associated symptoms (Vaginal discharge and odor, soreness, irritation and itching). Gynagyn BV also restores...
AED. 114.00
Moresense Intimate Gel Tube 30ml
Moresense Intimate Gel  is a safe,100% natural & produced with high quality standards, created to help women feel more pleasure. Increases warming sensation, Increases intimacy, Pleasurable Orgasm Restores natural secretion, Retains natural moisture, Prevents vaginal dryness Compatible with Condoms Works...
AED. 125.87
Betadine Intimate Wash Moisturizing Calendula 250ml
Betadine Intimate Wash Daily Use Calendula gently cleans and moisturizes sensitive skin. It is exclusively designed for women with dryness-prone skin. It provides gentle cleansing and optimum moisture to the sensitive intimate area whilst protecting from unwanted feminine discomforts. Its...
AED. 78.75
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