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Banana Boat Sunscreen Kids Sun Lotion Spf50 90ml
About Banana Boat Sunscreen Banana boat SPF 50 baby sunscreen lotion 90ml is a tear-free,sting-free sunscreen lotion, is an ultra-gentle formula that is non-stinging to eyes and is clinically tested to be mild to baby's sensitive skin. This lotion contains...
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Sol Leon Sun Protection Spf50+ Special Baby Spray 150ml
A product with a mix of safe and photo-stable UVA-UVB filters that covers the full spectrum of UV rays. In combination with green tea polyphenols and bisabolol, they increase the babies' skin immune system against the attack from solar radiation...
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Mustela Sun Lotion Spf50+ Face 40ml
Creamy and can be spread easily over your baby’s skin, leaving no sticky residue. It leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and moisturized. With its light and invisible texture on the skin, it is highly resistant to water, sweat and...
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