Seki 3.54Mg/Ml Susp 200ml

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Cough Remedies
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  • Seki 200ml 3.54 mg/ml is a syrup to soothe the dry and irritable cough that does not go away and to favor the functionality of the upper airways.
  • The soothing action is due to its active ingredient, cloperastine, which acts on histamine receptors that are dedicated to the induction of the tussigenic signal located in the lungs and brain, inhibits the urge to cough and calms dry cough.


  • Dual action product on central and peripheral levels of cough system
  • Palatable taste of banana
  • 200 ml cost-effective bottle


How to use

  • Adults: 15 ml in the evening before going to bed, 7.5ml measuring cup in the morning and 7.5 measuring cup in the afternoon.
  • Children over 2 years of age: 7.5 ml in the evening before going to bed, 3.75ml measuring cup in the morning and 3.75ml measuring cup in the afternoon.
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