Medicina is a group of healthcare outlets distributed strategically throughout the UAE.

Our focus revolves around the promotion of health in addition to bringing back care into the framework of total wellness. We are driven by our fundamental purpose to play an active and supportive role in each person’s life. As a consequence, we deliver unparalleled quality products and customer service. Medicina helps our customers live a better life.

Each Pharmacy within the Group provides a cohesive, unique caring experience— from advising on prescriptions to managing chronic and specialty conditions; from providing quality walk-in medical care and health management to dispensing everyday products. We endorse trust and confidence as the nucleus of our operations, never compromising on the needs of our customers. Our Pharmacies’ interior is meticulously designed with the intention of meeting the needs of our customers by optimizing space and focusing on quality modular fixtures that promote visual merchandising.

We remain committed to increasing access, lowering costs and improving the quality of care through our range of Nutrition supplements, skin care, cosmetics, medical equipment, as well as a wide range of other health care products. Sustained by our reliable, modern and evolutionary supply chain service, internally, we drive healthcare through the lens of professionalism, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency at every level.

Driven by smart technology, we have launched an "E-commerce", Moreover everything we do is designed to put the power directly in your hands – giving you the freedom to shop however, whenever and wherever you like. 

Our detailed and structured approach to broaden the reach of the brand includes:

  • Increasing total number of outlets across the UAE.
  • Actively pursuing ‘e-purchase’ options and free home delivery services for OTC products by 2015.
  • Actively promoting the brand through social media, namely Facebook, Instagram and twitter.
  • Ensuring staff are extensively trained on products and other soft skills.
  • Opening new outlets within the GCC region.
  • Launching an "E-commerce Store" That is set to modernize the way you shop at Medicina Pharmacies.


We aspire to be the Number one trusted partner in the UAE healthcare industry by 2020, through innovative collaborations and operational efficiency.


Our vision is to enrich the lives of people in the community, by offering reputable healthcare products.



We are serving and will serve our community and their families, physicians and staff with dignity and respect. We will execute healthcare management in a professional and accountable manner, meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers.

We will develop and participate in community-based and managed-care Programs that promote affordable, responsible and high-quality health care solutions.


Our people are our strength. We have a strong desire to do what is needed in order to deliver our promises. Involvement, teamwork and personal accountability in all that we do, as we consistently strive to provide the highest quality patient care.



Medicina’s staff development academy was formed in order to train, equip and sharpen the skills of our workforce. Our Wellness Advisers continuously undergo training's, based on business needs and on a quarterly basis. They are conscientiously trained to go above and beyond being a ‘dispenser’, to better engage and educate customers on their medical needs and requirements.

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