Rub A535 Muscle & Joint Extra Strength Cream 100gm
Taking control of tough pain requires extra strong relief! With 50% more pain-relieving ingredients than regular strength, RUB·A535TM Muscle & Joint Extra Strength Heating Cream provides fast-acting, warm penetrating relief of muscle and joint pain. This formula is available in both a...
AED. 26.00
Rub A535 Muscle & Joint Injury Ice Relief Gel 150gm
Don’t let injury pain slow you down! Keep your cool with the fast-acting and effective pain relief of RUB·A535TM Injury Ice Relief Gel. The gel works on contact to deliver cool, penetrating relief for your painful sprains and strains. Benefits Non-greasy,...
AED. 39.00
Rub A535 Muscle & Joint No Odour Cream 100gm
One of Canada’s best topical pain relievers. Fast-acting, medicated No Odour Ultra Strength Non-Heating cream has 50% more active ingredients to provide additional deep-penetrating, temporary soothing pain relief from sore, aching muscles, and stiff joints. And because it’s odourless, you’ll be...
AED. 26.00
Rub A535 Regular Strength Heat Cream
Rub A535 Regular Strength Heat Cream is recently reformulated to provide more medicinal ingredients, it rubs right in to deliver warm, penetrating relief of stiff and sore muscles, joints, back, and arthritic pain. Components Medicinal Ingredients (w/w): Methyl Salicylate 12.5%, Camphor...
AED. 26.00
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